Thursday, November 12, 2009



I thought I can end this freakin presentation soon
But unfortunately, just like what me and Chiing thought..
Well, the both of us are the last two to present today, and we're thinking that maybe we're going to present it tomorrow since our class today is just in an hour and even if we continue, no one will listen to us...

So.. it did happened.. we're going to present it tomorrow..
And this makes me have to be the first to present because of the name list or whatever...

What's with the nervous feeling today all about?
F!! Ughh!!

Had Tamadun Islam test this morning, and I have about 5 answers that I'm not sure..
Even if I can't get about 15/20 I don't care about it anyway, 'cause I didn't put that much effort in the end.. as long as I pass it..


Starting to become moody again these days.. emo...

1. Assignments etc
I hate those assignment.. Webpage and Tamadun Islam essays.. English...
Anything that has to use typing.... SUCKS!!
I just want to do those that we need to design something and make the real product..
I really enjoy doing those assignments in Illustrator or Photoshop(and photography♥).. BUT!
The proposals, paper works just makes me sick!! I HATE those!!
And especially the deadlines.... UGHH!!
If there's not deadlines I can just enjoy it..
AND presentations... I HATE IT!!

2. Money
Because of printing assignments, now I only left RM50 for this month's allowance..
Over used my allowance.. AGAIN...

3. Time
I need more time... Assignments and homeworks.. really driving me crazy..
I can't imaging what would I be like if I really study in Dasein but not TARC...

4. Give up
These days I also feel like giving up things...
Just like last night and this morning while I was studying Tamadun Islam...
And there's one thing I really wanna give up.. dra... ma.
I'm really tired... I can't manage my time for so many activities...
And another I wanna give up.. but whatever 'cause I'm trying to give up now.
Anyway, I won't give up my studies of course.

5. Mood
My mood is.. well just like what I've mention, getting moody easily again..
I'll be laughing like crazy, and then be in complete silence, and then continue laughing like crazy and bla..
Maybe because I didn't sleep well these days..
It always happens whenever I don't have enough sleep, simply and suddenly become moody..

Hope everything would be fine tomorrow.. especially DSLR... lol.
And presentation.. hope it goes well....? Whatever.

*I miss the musics during the 90s and early 2000...

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