Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Day

I can't believe that NCF said that my second assignment's sketches are excellent..
I was facing my sketches for hours and days but I don't even think it's nice..

I still don't like him, 'cause he is still making me pissed.
We're not the only group that is noisy. What makes the class noisy is a few groups talking at the same time.

Had a fking bad day today.

Had to submit our Fundamental of Web Page 1st assignment today, and something went wrong at the very last minute. But glad that's over.
Thanks to Jane for making me noticed what I did wrong in the assignment, but sorry to her 'cause I taught her the wrong thing in the assignment..
Thanks to Chiing and Evon..
And of course, thanks to Mr Clifford for letting me re-submit my assignment..

Ok.. the more important thing to do right now is...
Tamadun Islam midterm test and English presentation tomorrow!!
But now my eyes are blurry.. Gonna take a nap later on..
Tonight is the time to prepare the midterm test battle..!

I want to rest.. can I...?


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