Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've already plan to watch this movie
And now? Adam sings the OST!! HE IS AWESOME!!!
Both my sis and me are excited!! XD
(But I'm really scared that 2012 is really coming true...)

Yay! Michael Jackson THIS IS IT!! I gotta watch it!!
Hopefully me and my sis get to book the tickets!! x___x

Saw this artist line up for Music Japan in Katori's blog already
I'm gonna watch it tomorrow!!
Not to watch The GazettE, just to watch...
THE CRO-MAGNONS(formerly known as The Blue Hearts)!!!

You know why I wanna watch?

His performance is HILARIOUS!!
He's just like a scary person with mental problem or having cramp all over his body
But this is what makes him SPECIAL!
Can't wait to watch! HAHA!!

YAY X!! hide is ♥! X3
Toshi's outfit and make up sucks. Lol.

Love this song..!
(Lol at Toshi's looks.)

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