Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raining + thunderstorm =


I wonder when will my mum reach home.. It's kinda scary when I'm home alone.. Lol.
Haven't bath yet 'cause it's raining heavily!! Arghh!
And I was going to watch 倚天屠龙记, didn't watch it last night 'cause doing my sketches..
But because of the rain...! You know la.. ASTRO...

Talking about those sketches..
Most of them did 20 sketches, and all of them did the sketches really nice..
Mine...? Just 8 sketches and not nice at all... SWT...
And what's more swt is, the lecturer didn't check our sketches =__=
He shown us those works by our seniors...
.....having hard pressure 'cause all their work are like.... o_______o

Oh ya! My DigiIllus soap box design assignment has been approved yesterday btw!
I was worried that my idea it's not consider as "classic"(the theme I've chosen)
But YAY! Approved! ^^*

Tonight 10pm NHK got GLAY!!! HOHOHO!!
Get to see them in TV again!! YAAYYYY!!! *fangirl mode ON*

Hmm.. Me and my friends just ate 3 siu mai as lunch today! Broke a "record" ==
Stay at hostel during the 2-hour break again..
Chat about a lot of nonsense..
Oh ya!! Evon and MunYi also met those annoying people that I mention HERE!!
And I think we met the same gang the same person!! UGHH!!

Assignments assignments assignments.............

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