Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not happy

I'm not happy today =(

1. I forgotten to watch GLAY in NHK.....
(fangirl's feeling, most of you won't understand it..!)

I was doing my soap assignment last night and I forgot about it...
I just remember it this morning... And this is my reaction when I remember it >>> O____O!!!!
On my pc even though I woke up late, searched YouTube, and watched a bit...
So sad... I can't believe I actually forgotten it and missed it....!!
I'm so STUPID!!!! UGHHH!!!!
Just like always, I cried a bit while watching those vids
But this time I cry because I'M SO STUPID FORGOT TO WATCH!!!
The feeling of watching them from TV compare to PC is 100% DIFFERENT!
Rare chance to watch them in TV.. and I missed it!!?

2. DSLR...

I thought I was finally going to get my DSLR on my hands today..
Chiing and Evon brought their dad's DSLR, I used then and syok sendiri again
Excited and can't wait to get my DSLR.. But......
Today is just for booking. MOOD LESS already..
And TTG suddenly told us that we have to buy another lens, COMPULSORY..
Was going to buy that 450D which cost RM2600.. add this lens which cost RM295
Become how much...? .......
Then suddenly say if can we can buy that Hoya Filter which cost RM50.....
Called my mum afterwards, asked whether I should buy 450D(RM2600) or 1000D(RM1950)..
She said buy the better one... means 450D.... Also asked me to buy the filter 'cause got promotion..
So total almost RM3000... Felt so bad...



Went to hostel AGAIN. So scary 'cause it's raining with lightning.
We even saw the lightning in front of us! The lightning shoot at the light!! GENG!!
If we got DLSR we can capture it.... T___T

Cannot eat curry and cold drinks and other sour or any food/drink that is bad for our health BUT she still eat!!
Already having so much illness but still macam ini!

It's still raining although we talk a lot at the hostel canteen.
Went to Kam Jeh's room.. and kept playing with DSLRs...
But it's not my DSLR so I don't have those photos we capture..
Just got some photos captured by my sucky phone..

MunYi so 上镜 HAHA (I think Evon took this pic?)

Chiing and me.. Canon VS Nikon LOL

Taken by Evon's phone
(How I hold that DSLR = stupid way of holding a DSLR)

Evon (MunYi took this pic?)

Still trying to take photo of the same thing LOL
Later I only knew cannot put the lens so close to the object.. ==

(LOL my toe!!)
Chiing brought two bags today LOL

We're having lecture class at 4pm..
BUT! Because it's still raining, so we just skipped the class. LOL.
Later then we did a stupid thing, which was.. purposely late for our 6pm English class ==||||

End class at 7pm today..
Going to end class at 7pm again tomorrow... English class again.. ==|||

Didn't do any assignments today.. Gonna do it tomorrow..!
I still haven't do my typography skecthes!! *lazy*


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