Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tiring day it was.. I mean yesterday...
Continuously two days finish class at 7pm.. that's CRAZY...!
Was going for drama class after my 7pm class, but I'm just not feeling well..
Tired and felt a bit like puking.. and a bit headache maybe it's because I went to bed late these few days..?

Went back home ate some spaghetti(♥), bath, and just take a nap..
But I have to watch the final episode of 倚天屠龙记 so I have to wake up HAHA

And YAY! Chiing uploaded those photos to Facebook taken using her dad's DSLR!!

(Sharon and me, during Photography lecture class..sigh...)



Rainie's head and Jane's hand so yeng...

Evon dad's DSLR

Love this shot! Good timing!

Lol thinking back that day in the hostel, playing with DSLR
Flash everywhere, seriously just like paparazzi everywhere!
Sigh.. if we get our DSLR that day more syok..
More flashes more paparazzi more fun..! =(


Stop saying yourself is stupid when you failed on something
No one is stupid, you just have to work more hard to achieve something that you want
And don't ever compare yourself to others
No one is the same, everyone is different
Giving up just won't solve anything

If you compare with your sis, then what about me?
If I wanna compare with my sis, I'm more stupid ok?
She's way smarter than me, understand stuffs way more quicker than me
She doesn't have to study that much and she can just passed her test
I don't, I can't, I'm just freaking 迟钝 and I can't really memorize stuffs
But so what? I just have to put much more effort compare to her!
This is what makes me better than her, I'm more hardworking than her.

So what if my sis IS better than me?
At least I know in some other stuffs or other condition, I'm better than her.

You know how to do crafts, you're good in arranging stuffs
Don't be so negative ok??

Just stop thinking that much, everyone is different
Everyone has their weakness, but they also have their own specialty.
I know it's not you who wanted to take that course in the first place
But just don't give up on anything since you've already started it..

I didn't give up, Ting also didn't give up
So don't give up too ok..?

Everything is going to be ok.. :3

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