Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Few hours left...

Few hours left.. about 8 hours left..
And it's 15 October.. which means...


AHHH SO NERVOUS RIGHT NOW! 'cause I'm scared that we can't book the tickets!
What if there's a lot of people is accessing TGV, trying book the tickets
And made the site lagging like crazy?!!

Ughh hopefully the booking time is before I go to college so that I can book the tickets!!!! @_____@!!

Spent my day at home today.. (duhhh)
Hare Hare Yukai + guitar practice syok sendiri.. (=__=|||
Later gonna RC at night =.=

Talking about RC, these days my Mozilla Firefox kept collapse and close it itself!
My RC is still running and I haven't save it!!
It always makes me scream like crazy until my sis goes "wtf?"!!
My RC money... My gourmet points....

Digital Illustration first assignment "Soapa Soapa", soap packaging design..!
Still wondering which theme I should choose, already eliminated some between those 24 themes and left 8 themes..
Had some idea for the "classic" theme but it seems kinda normal
Still thinking ideas.. still referring.. google...

Saw ~six~'s blog and he said that Nikon D3000 and Canon 1000D are recommended by lecturer and seniors..
Just now chat with MunYi's bf and he also recommend Canon 1000D..
So.. how?? So I have to choose Canon 1000D...? I want Sony Alpha.. =X
Hmm I think I'll be choose this Canon...?

My mum already save the money for my DSLR..
Love my mum 'cause she always did what she promised
Anything that she promised me and my sis, she will surely do it.
Love my mum so much~♥

Listening to all those Japanese songs that I used to listen when I started to listen Japanese songs and also during high school
Otsuka Ai, Gackt, L'arc~en~Ciel, T.M.Revolution, Miyavi, SID, Kra, DMC etc etc
And some other anime songs..
Felt so good to listen them back..!!

I still prefer Gackt's previous era songs.. those are more like him
Not like now, more like.. those other bands...?
Otsuka Ai is so cute! I wish I was just like her(size)..! T___T
Miyavi is AWESOME! Especially when he plays his acoustic guitar!
SID.. I still love "Caramel".. Love Mao's voice just as usual..
Kra.. Keiyu is so cute..!


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