Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cherry Filter!

Found out about a Korean rock band Cherry Filter while watching JK Hits in MTV

I really love the vocalist voice!

Because korean pop somehow "takes over" most of the world like Super Junior, TVXQ, BIG BANG, Girls Generation, 2en1 etc etc
It makes me had this thought, "Korean music are the SAME, rap, boybands, girl bands, dance etc etc" *yawn*
Well I don't like those type of music so you can't blame me for saying that
Because there's too TOO much korean pop boy/girl bands, I never think of Korean rock.

And heck! This is the first time I listen to korean rock!
Well it's a bit like Japanese rock too, but I LOVE it!!

Cherry Filter was formed in 1997! All of them born in either 1976 and 1977!
Goooood... musicians from those eras are all AWESOME!! And they're poprock, punk rock etc!
A rock band with different sides are AWESOME!!!

The vocalist is also a whistle register singer for heaven sake!!

The vocalist - Youjeen had did solo career in Japan!

So yeng :3

Thanks to them, my view towards Korean music had changed! Haha!



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