Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ugh great.. having fever since yesterday afternoon..
I thought it's ok already last night so didn't care about it, but mana tau it came back again ==
Now wearing jacket to let myself sweat!


Did this last night!
Actually I saw YenTing's classmate doing this few days ago
I have no idea what they're doing, just saw her friend tracing a donut
So I tried it last night!

Trying to make a real-like donut
Erm.. it's not exactly completed yet, but it was quite late already so I have to off my pc and went to sleep..
And guess what? I can't open my Adobe softwares anymore, 'cause of the stupid keygen thing in my adobe installation disc..
It always had virus, but usually I can still open it
But now... ugh I don't know
Maybe the virus already went into my pc..?

How to do my assignments next time.....?

Tunggu mati...


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