Friday, October 30, 2009



Went to 1U to watch Jennifer's Body with my classmates after Photography lecture class since we had 5 hours break(4pm class canceled).. 13 ppl..

13 student IDs.. Lol.

Erm.. I don't really like that movie, not like what I've expected.
I mean, it's disgusting, but not THAT scary since they suddenly pop up some random funny scripts.

And I don't get what's the main point of the movie!

So Jennifer kept hunting for guys to eat their organs(eww) after she was killed by those fucking band mates and possess(is it??) by Satan or evil stuffs, but why is she crying when she's alone?
And why she wanna attack Needy's bf and that Gothic guy(:D LOL) when she said that he's nice?
Does she treat Needy as her BFF? She attacked Needy but treat her nice again but then treated her bad again. Why she lost her "power" when Needy grabbed away their BBF necklace from Jennifer? Why??

And that waterfall hole thingy.. why those stuffs that were threw into the hole came out again?
I thought they said that whatever things you throw into it, those stuffs won't came back?
Is it because of those evil stuffs or what?
And why is the knife that those band mates use to kill Jennifer came back up, and somehow it landed on the roadside and Needy just saw it.. which kinda makes no sense 'cause the distance between the roadside and the waterfall hole thingy is quite far...?

And yea, Needy was sent into jail after killing Jennifer.. She's already got the "evil" power after been bitten by Jennifer.. Why took her so long to finally get out from the jail to take revenge from those ugly band mates for Jennifer?
So.. after Needy killed those band mates, what happen to her? She's going to be like Jennifer, hunting for organs to eat(ugh) or what??

Sooo... what's the point of this movie?
The Satan? Jennifer? Needy? The power of their friendship? etc etc etc..
There's sooo much stuffs about this movie I just don't get it!! (Yes I think too much and I know I wrote a lot of rubbish!!)

Anyway, serves those fucking band mates right!
It's hard to form an indie band, but so what? This doesn't mean you have to ask for "their" help and sacrifice those innocent people! Just try your best! Ugh lazy fkers!

And! Eyeliners and black eyeshadow is LOVE!
That Gothic guy is :D And Needy looks way much better after she went to jail('cause she has eyeshadow!!)!!
But those fking band mates SUCKS!!

Err overall the "trip" is kinda... bored...? 'cause all of us are always separate into different gangs or groups etc..

*Oh ya! I forgot to mention that I love those songs in Jennifer's Body! (except for that fking band's song) Especially there's one which the vocals was screaming yelling like Linkin Park but more metal!! METALLLLL!!! XDXD


This is the first time I feel our U4 had become ONE.

All of us are always separate into few groups, all of us are freakin' calm and quiet during classes..
Not like other classes, active and noisy and crazy..

But just now all of us...
Discussing planning to skip class(lol) and gossiping(lolx2) and talk about a lot of funny rubbish..
I wonder, will this continue...?

U4 seriously reminds me of 5A...


*Took this yesterday at 1U LOL
Gonna watch it with my sis tomorrow! XD DX


If I'm good at playing electric guitar and have a band
I'll surely join this...

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