Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our SSH result were out yesterday..!
When my friends told me it was out, I was freakin' nervous!!
I didn't knew I would be so damn nervous to check my results especially when the TARC site is freaking LAGGG!!! (HEH first time check result through internet! HAHA)

But in the end it doesn't even matter I still get to access into it!
Loading... Loading.... LOADING...!!!
.....:3 =D !! 1A 3A- 2B+!!

Later then I helped Yvonne and Evon check their results, since they can't check it..
.....it doesn't feel good when you're having great results but your friend doesn't...
Yvonne I'm seriously shocked when I saw it.. Did I did a wrong thing for letting u know your result so soon before u went out with your friends...?


Anyway, time for college..
I was actually kinda "nervous" and "scared" 'cause I knew that my classmates will be asking how's my result..
They asked, I tell. I asked, I'm shocked.
I've got more As than my friends..? And some of them failed some of the subjects..
That doesn't feel good.. reminds me of SPM.. swt

I don't like that "attention", it feels weird..
But still, I'm happy at my result.
It's a good start for me =D

Lol thinking back when I was standard 6 and Form 3..
When I was having UPSR, my friend kept studying karangan, and i kept saying karangan no need to study.. In the end I got 4Aa and she got 7As. Lol.
When I was Form 3, I don't really study at all. Before every exam, everyone would be studying. As for me? I'll be sleeping.

Form 4 I just study a bit, 'cause I'm more concentrate in drama more than my studies.
Form 5, started to study more but still not much. But finally studied like crazy when SPM is coming, and that was the first time I had ever study like crazy.

I asked myself not to fail again especially when it's COLLEGE, NOT primary or secondary school(exclude SPM).. And I did it!
I'm really happy about that though :3


Learned clipping mask yesterday during DigiIllus practical class.. Lol.

Went to JJ with my friends after DigiIllus practical class..

And we bought this. Lol

Ughh.. filthy..! Lol.

And I can't believe that they actually can't finish a chocolate sundae!!
AND! They did this:

What a waste!! I love those chocolate syrup thingy(?)!! =(

At night....

Went to KLCC to have dinner with my family, as a "celebration" for my result..

SAKAE SUSHI! Lol this is the first time we went to Sakae Sushi btw

*Lap sap pics*

My phone sucks! Lol
(Green tea which sucks, RUT BIR Malaysian product, lamp.. whatever)

Aiks.. the wooden chopstick I split.. not balance.. =(

Kare Udon~

Salmon~ NOM NOM NOM~♥

Yokomon ice-cream, dark chocolate flavour..
It taste HORRIBLE............

My family~♥

Sushis! (Lol I love this pic)

Sushi special for KIDS! LOL
Took it just to take a picture of it, then put it back to the track.. HAHA


Me and my sis. Lol.
I seriously look like a GUY.. And I still don't get why am I taller than my sis...
I'm suppose to be the shorter one since I'm the younger one..!! >=(


Michael Jackson THIS IS IT!!
Gonna watch it NEXT SATURDAY!!

After dinner, went to Kino and Isetan for awhile
And back home to rush my assignment! Have to do 20 sketches!
But in the end I just did 8 sketches... eheheh.......|||||


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