Monday, October 19, 2009


Finally went to college after two days of boring weekend..
But there's just one lecture class today, Basic Typography..
And it's BORING!!
Me and Trista just sit there and listen to songs.. BSB.. LOL

These two days at home kept being emo.
Went to bed late at night, 5am++ for Saturday night and 2am++ for last night..
LOL but whatever!

Kept playing boring Facebook quizzes, RC and Cafe World..
Lol controlling a Restaurant and a Cafe..
And watching Tokyo Friends starring Otsuka Ai..

Did the drama flyer, but CK rejected 'cause the design is not related to "drama"
And he gave a better idea which I never thought of that before.. Lol.

The world is quite equal after all, everyone has their own speciality
I know how to draw but I'm not good in thinking great ideas
I'm good in drawing or sketching, my friends don't
But my friends are good in drawing 2D cartoon or anime characters, but I don't.

Just now doing a few different things in the same time
Play Cafe World, watch Tokyo Friends and doing my assignment
Now I'm still playing Cafe World and doing my assignment, but eating and blogging in the same time too! HAHA!

Arghh soap assignment!! I still dunno what theme I wanna choose!!
I just got one idea for each theme...!
Have to show them to Ms Yarshi tomorrow already.. So I'm not going to do the drama flyer today..! +___+|||

Tomorrow.. just one class again.. How boring..!!
Going to use MAC again.. *___*
Oh ya! Just now I took TARC bus back home! The first time I took TARC bus for this 2nd sem! 'cause my sis been fetching me these few weeks~ :3

Soap assignment..
Have to do 20 SKECTHES!! AHHHH!!!!


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