Friday, October 9, 2009


Home alone right now.. D=
Mum working night shift today..

Dad is still having meeting..

Sis went to celebrate her friend's birthday after fetching me home...

Kesian betul... LOL

Ok! Back to college after no classes for 2(3!) days!


Attended 12pm photography class.. Just brief some stuffs and class ends.
The next class is at 4pm.. It's still early so we went to JJ..
Ate sushi(wgh my money..) and played race car etc...
The race car not syok at all, if only the seats can move.
House of the Dead.. just play for a few seconds then die, if continue have to put more tokens.. ==
Met a grandma which has mental problem..
I wonder why is there so many mental people in JJ ==

Back to college for the 4pm class... In the end.... CLASS CANCELED. ==

Today, 10am class.. Love how the lecturer speaks.. Lol.
Briefs again and ended after few minutes...
2pm having badminton session with my classmates.. But it's only 10am+++!

Argh I never thought that the lecture class would end so soon..
But nevermind, 'cause later then I went to my classmate's hostel room to sleep! HAHA!
(eh.. didnt sleep well these two days..)

2pm! Play badminton! Played like crazy and tired!
It's really tired, but at least I had fun!
Plus I can exercise! I don't usually do exercise or sports stuffs!

I need Photoshop..... D=

My(mum's) shuttlecock... kesian...


Play until 4pm, 5pm have English class
All of us were thinking of skipping the class, so we said the class was "canceled" (LOL)

Later then went to Canteen 2 yumcha(lol)
After I bought chocolate milk(=_=)b and walked back to where we put our bags, suddenly there's two girls came to talk to me
They said that they're from other country, I asked where are they from, they're from China
I asked why are they here, they said they're having vacation, and their friend studies in TARC too
I was like, ohh, ok.. They're foreigners, since they came to our country, I should be treating them nicely.
Chat with them for awhile, blah blah blah...
They asked what religion I'm in, I said none(well actually Buddhist, but my family didnt pray, just my grandma)


They said many of their friends or whatever are Buddhist, as for themselves, they're Christians
They started to talk about Jesus and stuffs!!
Then they started to act a bit.. FAKE. Like, this first girl finish her talk, then she slightly kicked her friend, telling her to continue! (C'mon, this is body language!) Then I saw their another guy friend is walking towards here!

That time I kept thinking "OH SHIT!!! Don't tell me they're those who wants people to join Christians etc?!!"
I quickly acted like I've got a phone call, asked them to hold on, and just quickly search for MunYi and Evon to save me and change place sit with Fei them!!
Told those people we're changing place to sit with our friends, and YAY!! I'M SAVE!
Then they go find another group of people ==||||

OK Firstly, I'm not trying to offend Christians or whatever, and I know not all Christians do this
But I think it's just too much..
If someone really have the heart to join Christian, they'll be joining it themselves
Religion is not a "product" that you can promote and sell to others ok?

Ok continue..

Later then MunYi went home, left me and Evon..
Then Fei, Meng and Jeff went to attend the English class....|||||
Sooooo left me and Evon!

Waiting for my sis to end her class(talk) so that she can fetch me home but she going to end at about 6pm!
Still wondering whether we're going... so ask Fei whether got lecturer or not
If got then go, if no then continue wait for my sis!
But mana tau got lecturer... So in the end we still attend the class ==
Evon quickly called LiJuan to rush to Block M from hostel! Haha!

Erm.. the class is... kinda... boring...
The lecturer is kinda boring too(sorry!).. but! He's a nice lecturer!
There's some moments quite funny during the class!
He told us not to cancel the class ourselves without any permission! We kept laughing 'cause we just did it(well.... almost)!
Another one is, we thought that the class is going to end soon, but suddenly he continue and giving us more vocabs!!! LOL!

Seriously, I DON'T like grammar...
I dunno which is noun or verb, I just know kata ganti, 代词名次形容词... ==
I just know how to answer.. but of course not 100% correct..
I'm just depending my essays and write a lot of craps so that I can somehow "accidently" write some points or whatever! Haha!


Hmm.. Had great time with my classmates since the college starts..
But I'm not fully having great mood.. because of..

THESE. UGH!! (saw those reddish spots?)

I got it since the next day when I got fever, which was.. yesterday?

At first it's just my neck, chest, shoulder and back.. Then after a few minutes later when I look into the mirror, MY FACE was also kena!! And my stomach! WHOLE BODY!!
I seriously shocked in tears!! I never had this kind of situation before(I think)!
Damn scary you know?! Especially when my face already have a lot of pimples (WHICH WAS GETTING BETTER SLOWLY) and suddenly POOOOFFFF!!! My face appeared a lot of "fake" pimples!!!
My mum said it's either measels(?) or because of heat('cause I kept covering up myself to let myself sweat)..

So I wore mask to college, to cover, I mean... to distract those people from seeing those spots...
But later then I took if off 'cause I can't really breath ==

BUT! After the class before we walk to JJ, we go to Public Bank
I was standing there waiting them, the suddenly!
A stranger aunty handed me a flyer thingy, and said(in Mandarin) "I hope this can help you"..
I look at the flyer and SWT!! Is those facial treatment thingy...!!
I was pissed! Seriously pissed! 'cause it's "not" my face!! I'm sick ok?!!
I know it's for my good.. but it hurts!
I quickly wear my mask again...! 很自卑啊!

My face complexion is already bad for few years, and it's getting worse because of my freaking itchy hand!
Now I'm trying to fix it back slowly, it's getting better
Suddenly I had fever, and these freaking red spots appeared!

This morning it's getting a bit ok.. A BIT.
Then after badminton, because I sweat a lot, so it become worse.. But I didn't care la at least I get to play and exercise..
But after that... while drinking or eating or copying my notes
when I saw my hands.... I seriously wanted to scream!


What if these red spots will cause DEATH...?! (Yes I know I'm over reacting, this is me)
When I stay still and try to feel it, it's just like being sting by a lot of stuffs!!

Just now chat with Yvonne and told her about it..
Lol thanks for cheering me up :3

These two days can't sleep well..
Wednesday night can't sleep well 'cause of fever.. kept waking up
Thursday night can't sleep well 'cause of itchiness.. also kept waking up...

Hmm.. I'm glad that there's no class tomorrow since it's Saturday...
Two days for my skin to recover..
Hope that it will recover asap...

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