Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well how stupid is this.. yesterday's classES were canceled..
Looking groups by groups leaving the DK, we U4 was the last group to leave the DK
'cause we're discussing where to go.. Lol
In the end, yumcha in TBR, since.. everywhere was still not open 'cause..
it's 8am+++ for freakin' sake!! x__x

But I just hang around with them for just a few minutes 'cause I'm heading back home! Back to sleep!
Not havin proper sleep time in the whole sem break, can't sleep at night!
Had to role in the bed for an hour or two then only I get to sleep..!

Asked my friends to call me when they've planned where to go, but in the end there's no news from them =(
Fine lor.. you people go pak to lor...
Sms-ed ChingHuey 'cause if she didn't go anywhere means no plans, but she didn't reply me!! =(

Woke up at 1pm(:3) and no one's at home already =(
On the pc.. blah..
Then I suddenly remember I've forgotten to go to SSH office to take the sibling discount cheque!! So I quickly called my sis so that she can come back and fetch me to college :3

The cheque... RM700...! *drools* I can buy a new hide doll and pay for my ouji gosuloli and buy GLAY The Great Vacation Vol. 1!!
But what the heck, it's not even my money..!
RM700.. The 2nd sem's fees is about RM1200++..
Well that's good, 'cause my mum don't have to pay for that much money, she just have to pay for RM500++..

After I got the cheque, we went to Petaling Street and Sg Wang 'cause she wants to buy comics.. HAHA

I damn lc ignore them, but hor! My sis still treat them nicely to ignore them! Act cute summore!!
She said they act cute, so she act cute back to them! HAHA FUK!!
Yvonne also met them, but she met them opposite LRT! LOL

Suddenly remember few days ago watched Guess x3, it's about changing those otakus' looks
Those people are crazy.. They already look ok especially the 4th contestant, but those people said they've got no cure?! CRAZY!!
I think they look HORRIBLE after their transformation! Looks so gayish!! Except the 4th contestant and KRAUSER-SAANNNN!!!


Hehe gashapon again ♥ Fullmetal Alchemist~♥

I want either get Edward or Alphonse, but I want the third Edward more
BUT!! I got Risa.. I don't even want her!!!And my sis got the one that I wanted!!
Why do I always get those random characters?!
Last time Kuroshitsuji's gashapon I want either Sebastian or Ciel of course, but in the end my si got Ciel and I got LAU!! UGH!!! D:<


At night went to YenTing's friend's house 'cause she doesn't know how to do her BM assignment..
Lol what a coincidence that her friend's house is in the same block with me, but her friend lives on the 17th floor, I'm on the 2nd floor x__x

Well she decided to continue her studies in the end.. hope that she's be ok.. =)


Hmm.. I'm still not good in communicate with "strangers"..
Either my friends' friends or my sis' friend etc
I'll be just keep quiet and ignore them so that they ignore me too..
It's not a happy thing, but what can I do..? This is me and I can't help it..
Unless I keep getting along with them until I "reveal" my stupidity, or else I'll be still ignoring everything...

Ugh I hate myself.


Two days staying at home again. No classes.
How boring is that.

I can't wait for Thursday! 'cause there's Basic Photography lecture class!
And lol the lecturer is TTG!
Ahhh~ This is what I've been waiting for the WHOLE course! PHOTOGRAPHY!!
I'm getting closer with my future DSLR!! WOHOO!
But I'm not even sure whether I'll be able to get it 'cause we don't have THAT much cash..


Yup, I'm here just about photography..
I'm not sure whether I'm going to be a designer or whatever, maybe not..
I mean, I love design, but I just don't have any great ideas, new ideas
And animation is not my thing although I'm not that interested into it
But I wanna learn those stuffs, not for my future job (or maybe it is for my future job?)
I wanna be a photographer. And a guitarist. Yup.
Will my dreams come true? Who knows? We can't predict the future.

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