Monday, September 21, 2009


(Ignore the title, I just dunno what to put as the title)

YAWWWWNNNNN holiday for almost a week already!

Everyday just sleep, eat, online, watch drama, watch tv... Zzz...

These are the photos that we took using Yvonne's phone few days ago!

Me, YenTing, Yvonne ____ me, Yvonne,Yenting

So kena belasah la them.. they kept wanting to choose the angle that they look better.. I also want that angle... ==
And then they take photos themselves and they ignore me...


Evil... Yvonne.... you ignore me.... evil.... EVIIIILLLLLL!!!!! T____T (LOL wtf?!)


So bored these days..!

Watched Ghost Friends these days, a Japanese drama.
Erm.. it's not a horror show... The effect is fake, but I just like to watch it..
I've already watched a few episodes in Astro ch963 NHK, but I've missed the final episode!!
So now I'm watching it here all over again!

Oh ya, went to trimmed my hair with my sis few days ago...

Hmm.. going back to my grandma's house in Muar this Saturday...

I'm so bored.

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