Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lol kesian.. before merdeka still kena polluted..


Before "merdeka"...

Me and my sis took out all our ANIZOs...

Seems many, but we're still think it's not enough of course..

Left: Spritzer thingy(rM1.50 only together with the bottle! So bought it immediately! HEH)
Center: Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji~♥
But actually it's my sis'.. I got Lau actually.. but my sis is a nice person, so... eheh.. eheheh.. EHEHEH!! <___<||||

At night.. My relatives(my mum's sis and her family) from Johor suddenly came to have a visit. They didnt went to KLCC before, sooo...


It's really weird 'cause the traffic was seriously SMOOTH! We thought it will be jam like crazy!

Satu Warisan, Satu Matlamat, 1Malaysia


It's so funny 'cause me and my sis were actually more excited than my cousins =_=
But c'mon! Eventhough we always go to KLCC, we never go outside of KLCC but just walking inside it..

There's actually many things to capture(photos), but I forgotten to bring camera... shit.
I saw a lot of nice angles and nice shots and fun shots BUT I didnt bring my freakin camera.. UGHHH!
Saw a lot of people using DSLR..... *drools ughghguhhg*

Later then me and my family went to have our dinner at 10pm++.. 'cause our relative suddenly came, we didn't get the chance to have our dinner...
But we had our dinner at Pizza Hut! Haha!

Back home, 12am++

KL didn't have fireworks because of H1N1, but there's still some places still did..

(Sry for my lousy skill la..)

Hmm.. it felt quite empty.. I mean, Merdeka with no fireworks..
Me and my sis were going to walk outside near our house to watch the firework, but.. hmm.
Last year I get to see a lot of places puttin fireworks from my house balcony, EVERYWHERE. It's really nice to watch, really a nice view..
But this year? Hmm..

Tak de kereta...

Lol if only I have a DSLR..
Can't wait for 2nd sem!! X3

The next day, went to Times Square with my family to eat Baskin Robbins!
(30% off on 31st!)

(Before that, had our breakfast at Setapak Jaya.. Milo Ice = ♥)

LOL I have no idea what's wrong with that person's hand =X (Sry)


Cosmo mascot Lol

DSLRs....... So paiseh to use my NORMAL digicame..

Watch performance..


One of the female dancer got a bit look like Ayumi!



National Art Gallery.. Lol

SJK (C) Chong Hwa!! Damn long time didnt go back already!
Still remember about the story about the "6th floor".. Lol scary.


Anyway, Happy Birthday to Malaysia! LOL
15Malaysia.. Love "Chocolate", "PotongSaga", "Halal", "House" and... err..
I think that's all for now? 'cause there're still some of them haven't release...


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