Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ok I've posted two blog entries already just now and now another entry. Lol.

Well this is a useless one, just wanna say that maybe I won't be always online anymore
Gotta spend my time on other stuffs, not just sitting in front my pc
And most importantly, my eyesight is getting worse, sometimes it's blurry and it makes me having headache..
I don't wanna get a specs.. I don't wanna wear specs... =(
But if there's no choice.. of course I'll get it.. Sigh.

I have my guitars to practice, I have GLAY videos to watch
I have shows to watch (Keroro and 倚天屠龙记! HAHA)
Gotta keep myself away from the freakin pc..!

Now I realize it's bad to have my own pc, 'cause I'll be using it everytime
and now it made my eyes suffer.. D=

But I'll still be using it in the future of course.. since it's a must in this world now..


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