Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2627 MelakaTrip

Went to Melaka with my family after a visit to my mother-side's grandma's house...


The hotel we stayed in Melaka..

The sea...!
Came here before when I was little...

Our room.. smells horrible.. got 霉味 D=

Love this part of my hair Lol

It's been a long time I didn't go to the beach and have a trip with my family...

Wanted to build sand castle... but in the end...


hide's Fernandes Burny MG series.. Lol. But not really nice though...

Me and my sister :3

Mum steps on it Lol.

My sis

Me. Lol.


Went to swim later then.. I still dunno how to swim...

A of group of Malay holding lanterns! owo)b


They made the traffic jam..

FUN FAIR..... =( (saw 3 different ferris wheels in a night.. *___*)

Next morning

Had buffet but there's nothing I like to eat... chocolate cake also dun have(a MUST for me in buffet)... just ate Koko Crunch and Honey Star and two glasses of milk... (when reached home at night my stomach hurts due to drinking too much milk........==)


Senget =.= (.... I wish that I'm short....)

My sis


My dad wearing my sis' sunglasses! XD

One of my cows... :3

Back to KL...

Before that, chicken rice balls...!


I love my cows :3


Panorama of the beach with color correction!
Got a bit cacat in the middle but simply edited a bit.

End of Melaka Trip!
Can't wait for the next trip with my family.. which is after 4 months.... X___X

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