Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Finally! We DML-ers(?) had finished our exam!!!

Lol I can't sleep last night 'cause I was nervous again, but in the end when I look at the question paper...
YES!! SURREALISM! FOUR MAJOR CRITERIA! SEVEN BASIC VISUAL ELEMENTS! ETC ETC! All I got memorize A BIT! LOL! At least got memorize a bit la, better than nothing..!

Hmm finished answering after 20 minutes.. Not to show off lor.. 'cause I already did my best..
Wanted to stay in the college hall, but a lecturer took away my answer booklet.. Then wait the time to pass again... Then before 10, TTG ask me to leave the college hall...
Haih I think can pass la..

Dunno so early go out for what! There's nothing I can do outside the college hall but to wait for my classmates.. Wait until I'm bored..

*fast forward*

We didn't plan anything, and in the end, we went to KLCC to watch movie..
Where Got Ghost.. A comedy ghost movie..
Erm.. I did laugh la, also got shocked, all of them were just so random!
The first story's ending is SUPPOSE to be a bit scary, but those oranges made it looks stupid!
The actor's act was kinda fake until I dun wanna watch.. serves him right to die.. lol
And that guy with "eyeshadow", so cool! LOL
I just like the third story's ending..
Overall I don't really like it, not my cup of tea.. Haha!
Nearly fell asleep 'cause headache..


Haih.. went to Kino to see whether there's stuff for me to buy, but NONE!!
Felt so empty and hard to breathe 'cause I want to buy stuffs!!
No magazines with GLAY as cover! GAAHHHH!!!
Oh ya met Yvonne and LooTeng at Kino! Swt.



Free at last..!
Haih, tomorrow my classmates are going to Genting Klang Highland..! D=
Guys.. remember take many photos ah... T___T

Hmm.. it's holiday..!
Didn't plan anything.. but that's good, 'cause I can have more time to rest and relax and do my own thing like practice my guitar, watch GLAY concert vids etc etc

But I'm going to meet Yvonne and Yenting tomorrow~


VIDS (one GLAY vid only la)

How nice! The person who uploaded this vid said that the security guard allow cameras in the last minute! THANKFULLY! 'cause I get to watch!! T___T

Lady Gaga's performance in VMA 2009! SO COOL!

Kanye gone mad

How could he do that? That hurts! D=

VMA 2009 MJ Tribute Promo

Janet Jackson's tribute to MJ in VMA 2009

Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Trailer!!!

The quality is freakin CLEARR!!!

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