Monday, September 14, 2009


It's my grandma's 77th birthday yesterday!

My cousins and my grandma and my sis and me!


I don't like blueberry.. but the cake is nice! (NOT the blueberry)

Happy Birthday to my grandma~♥

Hmm.. this is the first time I saw my grandma cried.. She kept saying that we treated her very well..
Then my mum told me and my sis, my grandma's friends' children all didn't treat them well, even didn't come back to visit them..

....I can't believe she's my only grandparents now..!
Going back to my mother's side grandma house next Saturday... 1st memorial day of my grandma...


Ok tomorrow I'm having my final test final subject
And why am I still doing here?!
Still chatting with Arricson discussing about the next episode of 《晴天娃娃之恋》 summore ==|||
So swt la.. Lol.

Dunno wanna go where after the exam finish.. didn't discuss with my frens...
I know got SOMEONE already got plan liao lor... 15&22 HOORRR??? (lol)
Maybe will go straight back home like last time SPM... ==

Blah whatever. Time to study!

GLAY's concert in Hollywood on 12 September 2009.........T____T about GLAY

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