Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lol everyone is talking about 090909 in Facebook or smses, but I woke up at 12pm++. HAHA!

Hmm these two days I've been doing revision start from midnight to 3 or 4am..
I found out it's nice to do revision during those time 'cause everyone had already went to bed and it's freakin quiet, which is nice to listen to songs and do revision!
But my eye bags and pimples are going to be horrible... blah whatever.

Watched Keroro(HEH XD) and JK Hits in MTV last evening, and YAY! They played SID again!

Love Mao's vocal.. EHEH!! :3

Later then after JK Hits ended *fast forward*
MTV(or Channel [V]?) played this

I didn't saw what this singer's name was, but when I watch clearly, I was shocked
'cause it looks like Marit from M2M! And her vocal sounds like her too!(I was a fan of M2M btw)!
So I waited the PV to end, and it really is Marit!

Really shocked when I saw her, 'cause I didn't know that she's still singing..!
And her looks... I mean her hair..! Has changed!
She use to have blonde hair, but this is dark brown..!
I think she looks better in blonde..
or maybe it's the hairstyle..? maybe it's just the video..?
hmm whatever.

Dark brown hair colour is Marion, Blonde is Marit

The both of them are having seriously different style.
Marion has powerful strong voice, Marit has soft sweet voice.

I have both their M2M albums, Shades of Purple and The Big Room
I still prefer Shades of Purple, but there's still some song from The Big Room is nice..
Part of my childhood..

I miss M2M.. =(

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