Sunday, September 6, 2009


Went to Sungai Wang with my sis today!
She wanted to buy present for XuanXuan (one of her best friend/my drama senior's baby)! XD
And there's Ani-com!

Ani-com 2009!

Hmm this is the first time I went to Ani-com, and I never knew that Ani-com was.. such a small event.. I thought it's like.. ACGC or something like that...

Lol those two cosplayers at the side damn funny!
Kept acting like they're scared and kept shivering LOL


Mario and Luigi

Final contestant - Cloud from FF7 Lol

Lol very hard to take photos 'cause too many people blocking
We didnt watch the whole competition though

Contestants group pic

That host wearing purple+yellow is damn cute! Haha!

Oh ya, me and my sis took purikura~~
Long time didnt take purikura with my sis already~♥

Hmm.. This year's ComicFes... MUST GOOO!!!
2007's CF I've missed it 'cause I went to drama camp
2008's CF (last year) I've missed it 'cause I have to work
2009....!! MUST GOOOO!!!

Ohh! Promote promote!!
Anime Hanabi Festival on 7th and 8th November 2009 at Berjaya Times Square!
My sis' friend is going to organise this event 'cause it's their assignment!
Me and my sis are going!
Do support and attend it! HEH!

Wangsa Walk Mall is finally open btw!
Went there last night with my family, but before we finish the "tour", it's already time for them to close their shop =__=
I wonder when will that TGV over there open?? Next time can go there watch movie! So near to my house! HEH

Lol this is what me and my sis bought from Elianto from WangsaWalk..
our dad pays it.. eheh.. ehehe.... ^^|||
C'mon.. we don't usually spend on these kind of stuffs ok....?

Dark Sea Green colour!

Lol I'm not going to colour all my nails of course, just one finger nail and always the same one!
Haha I like it, I mean, just colour that only finger nail (无名指).. 'cause I think my 无名指's finger nail is nice. LOL
Hmm I think no one does that..? I don't wanna be same like others, the same style.
That's my SIGNATURE!
If you saw there's another person does the same thing as I did, maybe that person is copying me...!! HAHA!!

I'm getting tired looking at people wearing the same thirt EVERYWHERE..
Hello... don't just follow the "trend" la.. Create your own la!
You thought if you follow other people wear like that you will also be called as trendy meh?!
Some of them don't even suit them and they still wanna wear like that! What the heck la..
If you're wearing something that suits you and it looks nice, that's much trendy ok?

And hor!! There's many young girls or should I say KIDS
wearing those clothes like they want people to rape them or what..!
I know it's a bit harsh, but seriously, I think they dress up like pros!
And please la... young girls... why wanna dress up like that...
My God... it looks horrible ok..?!

Very sien lor when I always saw those people.. SIIEEENNNNNNN!!!

Ok la sien la time to sleep BYEBYE HAHA


♥ 痴痴 said...

那一天我们也有去 ! -,-

我们在隔壁 —— greenbox XD

KaedE said...

啊!炸到..真是没有缘啊.. =__=