Saturday, September 5, 2009



Lol I nearly overslept this morning..! I set my phone alarm at 6am so that I can revise more A BIT. BUT... My dad woke me up and it's 8am!
I was so blur that time! I kept yelling "HARR?!?! REALLY 8AM AHH?!! HAR??!" So panic!!
I kept thinking, SHIT!! The exam already started! How am I suppose to take the test?!!?
Later then I only remember the test starts at 9am... I thought 8am...

Slept at about 2am last night.. half sleep half awake la actually. But compare to others who didnt sleep at all, I'm lucky that I get to sleep for few hours.. =__=|||
Thankfully I'm local so no need so rush =___+|||||

Anyway before the exam starts, I was damn freakin nervous! So is my friends!
Nervous until I lazy to look at the notes and want to start the exam immediately!!!

But after the test ended.... :3

SO glad that this test is over!!

Hmm... I still I can pass this test... but not sure will get B or what..
'cause in objective questions I got 10 questions not sure correct or not...
And subjective... Have to choose 2 questions.. the first one I chose I know how to do, but the second one...||||

But~ I didn't expect that I'll know how to answer them all~
I mean, although I did spent quite lot of time studying it, but I'm not fully concentrate on it.. (online...)
I'm glad that I know how to answer most of it though =D

Ok.. As for English test two days ago..
I hope I can get an A. Lol hopefully la.

Dun like to have exam in the college hall la.. 'cause all classes separate already..
Hmm.. my friends all go back home after the exam 'cause not enough sleep D=
I wanna CELEBRATE! Lol... (No la actually I just wanna go KLCC Kinokuniya to see whether got anything can buy or not.. ehehehe... ^^||||||||||||)
Later when I was in the car waiting my dad buying chicken rice at Desa, suddenly YenTing called me! Shocked!
Hmm.. was going to meet YenTing at JJ, but..
Later have to go grandma house.. Don't wanna rush..
Haha Going to play emoticons with her again in msn tonight! HAHAH!!

Lol if you have nothing to do then see la Haha. Damn wu liao..

OK!! 1 subject to go!! TTG....... Intro to Art...*dies*


Michael Jackson was finally buried at Forest Lawn Glendale yesterday... FINALLY.

I know this sounds a bit stupid, but sometimes I actually forgotten that he was dead. Seriously forgotten.


Michael Jackson will live forever, and so is his music.


Lol here's some random photos that I took while studying

Few days ago (forgot when la, I think before English test)

Jacob crackers... TASTE BAD!!! =X

Do revision.. sambil watch GLAY vids... eheh.. ehehehheh..... ^^|||||||||||

Ohhh!! Hisa and Jiro!!! X3 ♥♥♥

Last night

Both of my guitars! ♥~

I wanted to post a photo of my room, wanna let you guys see how messy is my room
But.. too messy too paiseh to put it here. HAHA!

Do revision sambil listen to songs

Drink Nestum 'cause I was freakin hungry.. but it didn't help AT ALL...
eat Maggi more nice... Lol.

My fluffy cow and hide doll and Rilakk :3

These are what I listen to while studying last night

Ayaka's album First Message and two Ikimono Gakari's singles

And Ayumi's Complete All Singles Disc 3

ayaka - Mikazuki

(it's 絢香 not 綾香)

Listen to Ayaka's songs makes me think of my drama life in Form 4 while we're preparing our school performance.. 'cause I kept listening to her songs everyday during those days.. Haha.
Love her song and vocals, relax and peaceful and soulful.

Ikimono Gakari - Kaeritaku Natta Yo

Dunno why I think of 5A when I listen to this song..

ayumi hamasaki - Heaven

She has a lot of great songs, but this is still my favourite song of Ayumi.


*fangirl time ♥*


0:09 0:35 0:47 2:48 3:50 4:15 4:27 4:50 5:27 = Hisashi = :3 = ♥! LOL
Ugh that woman... she get to walk on the stage that GLAY walks on..
And she gets to stand so close to Hisa... fu...k. =D LOL.

And... THIS

But of course it's just a dream.. Wghh....!! D=


Ok time for me to sleep. Byebye. Lol.


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