Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These days

These days after college..

Bath >> on pc do assignment stuffs, on my RC etc >> dinner >> continue assignment pc stuffs whatever >> sleep.

FOUR assigments to go... FOUR!!! AHHHH!!!
(but at least what's good about it is we just have 3 subjects for exam..)


1. Submitted our Image Manipulation assignment 2 - tshirt design, and Byrn said quite impressed with my work! :3
Get 26/30! But the highest mark is ChingHuey(again)! :O
But whatever~ My design isn't special anyways.. what to argue? Haha!

2. Evon, Rainie and Jess' "story".. LOL

Unhappy/tiring etc:
1.My Image Imanipulation assignment 2 - colour correction.. The portrait image I got 5/7.5(Yay to my sis! LOL) and the scenery image I got 4.5/7.5 D= Average result lor~
Kinda sad that I choose that scenery image as my final work.. I wasn't going to choose that.. but I've asked my mum my sis and my senior's opinion, and all of them said that(the one I submitted) is better....
So.. should I listen to others' opinion next time...? AHHH!!! X___X

2. Assignments.... AHHHH!!!! *DIES*


*fangirl time*

Why... why...
hide book... again....?!?!
I need money to buy all those stuffs.....

*dies again*


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