Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still sick =_=

Ok... I'm still not feeling well.. ugh.

Went to KLCC with my dad and sis just now, and I can't find any clothes that I like and I have no mood 'cause I was feeling dizzy.. and thirsty.
Ate spaghetti at the food court and I taste nothing. Yuck.

Found out that I don't really like to shop for clothing now..
I just need some normal simple tshirt, some normal simple formal shirt, and all they've got are those frilly fancy flower patterned clothes..
'Cmon.. I just want a normal clothing.. tshirt with vector image.. formal shirt WITHOUT horrible fancy patterns... is that so hard....?

Went to Kinokuniya just like every time I went to KLCC.. I wanna spend money...
That X JAPAN MEMORIAL PHOTOALBUM is still there...!!

God.. It's been months I didn't buy any collective stuffs of X JAPAN/hide/GLAY... I felt so SOOOO empty..!! The last thing I purchase were THESE....!
I still wanting to buy GLAY's The Great Vacation Vol.1 A... RM250+++....
And fuck... I just went to GLAY's official site.. And THE GREAT VACATION VOL.2 is going to release on 21 October...... (I need air...)
I spent too much wasting on useless drinks.......

Anyway, no matter what I'll be still going to college.. I'm lazy to give so many freakin MCs to different lecturers..
Hope I'll be better tomorrow.....WGHHHH!!

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