Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ohhh!! End of first sem!!
I mean.. finished 14 weeks! But still have to face the final exam next week!
AHHHHHHH!!!! =__=||||

Anyway, went to H.E class this morning at Block H.. So weird 'cause never actually went there before..
THAT lecturer.. ugh...

After that, went to JJ with Ching, Jane, Rainie, and Evon..

Makan KFC... -$$$...

Lol nampak I tak..?

Tak tau kenapa I suka shot ini..


Pepsi.. the one who burned MJ's hair...

The cup...! 脱色!

Can't really see it in this pic..

This is what I ate... I didn't know so little only....

Actually I don't know why I wanna follow them to JJ, 'cause I have to walk back home from JJ to my home...!! *uughhgghhhuughghhhh faints*

But.. I get to listen how their parents treat them during their childhood.. Lol.
Really love to listen other's life, 'cause it makes me know how lucky I am...!

Lepas tu, pegi main kat arcade..
I pastilah main Taiko no Tatsujin.. main Kurenai lagi..
Tapi tak syok pun.. tak tau kenape..
Letih sangat lah.. mungkin kerana nanti kena jalan balik rumah.. malas lah saye..

Kat toilet..

Ambil gambar dlm tempat camwhore yg terbagus..
Ching + Me + LiJuan

Evon dgn matanye dlm her phone (gile.. matanye hampir buta la..)

Lol what's wrong with me? What's with me using BM?!

Weee~ camwhore LOL

*SNAP* (Rainie running away)

Later then they went shopping... YAWN... BORING.....


Final test starts next Thursday..!
English test.. no problem de la... eheh.. ehehhe... hehehehh......|||||| *grammar... SHIVERS....*
H.E test... Gah... kena baca like crazy...
Intro to Art...... terus mati.. (CHOI!) Have to study like crazy also....

College life is not playing a fool.. Can't be like high school anymore...!
(So nice no need study.. fail also tak kisah.. except SPM la of course!)

No class start from tomorrow... End of first sem...
Can't meet my classmates for a few days until next Thursday...!
Wish them all the best~♥ (LOL what's with the "♥"?!)
And also to.. Yvonne, Kenji... err... JiaWei.... er... still got who... aiya and also to those I know who study in TARC la, wish everyone all the best!

To U4: HUH?!??!?!?! (LOL)



p/s: *fangirling* WTF ANOTHER OFFICIAL BOOK(the book title sucks..)?!?! AND SHOP??!?! AHHHHH SHIT!!!

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