Sunday, August 2, 2009


Went to Annexe Gallery at Central Market with my classmates on Thursday after English class~
(Actually I've already forgotten that me and my groupmates planned to go there.. fortunately I brought enough money.. HA.HA. =__=||||)

Left to right: Trista, Carol, Rainie, Jane, MunYi

Making fun of Rainie..

Suddenly Rainie turn around and everyone kept their hands back LOL
(Carol very funny lor.. slowly put her hand on the handle there act nothing happen.. HAHA)

This guy GENG.. like that also can sleep!

In one of the gallery..

Next, the highest floor..

U4 + U6

Actually I came to Annexe Gallery once last year to watch drama performance..
But this time it's different 'cause we're here to visit this gallery for our assignment..! x__x"

I'm not sure whether this was part of the gallery, but I think it's nice.

This is where I watched the drama performance last time..
(I'm not afraid of accidently taking "those stuffs" photos yet I wanted to take photos of them.. 'cause it proofs that there's such things.)

Finished "touring" the gallery

Before leaving.. sure must take a group pic..!

Testing angle.. (set timer)

TAKE 1 (alamak Carol tengok mana)


It's kinda funny while taking these photos 'cause I have to rush down the stairs after I press the camera button to stand properly on my spot before the 10-seconds timer ends!

After that went back downstairs to the ground floor..

Evon, Me, MunYi, Jane
The four of us very qian da 'cause we took the lift.. LAZY PEOPLE.

So we arrived the ground floor earlier than them!

*SNAP* (Lol Jason)

Then we saw this weight measuring + water whatever thingy, so we played this thing for awhile. Lol.

After that we separate into two groups, one group go back to college 'cause they're having H.E presentation later, and another group went to PetalingStreet..

Kinda scare while walking at PetalingStreet 'cause of H1N1..|||
But we wanna drink cold beverage! So... =X

Later then went to Popular, and I saw there're two mags with MJ as cover!
So I quickly called my sis! Too bad I didn't bring that much money or else I can get it for her =\

Back to college then~ (to fking H.E tutorial class =_=)

Felt really great anyway 'cause it seems like U4 is finally getting "closer"..?
Hmm.. few weeks left to go eh..?

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