Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm so bored at home =\


*Fangirl post* BYE

X JAPAN in TVB8 News (090602)

2:32 hide.... ;____;
3:04.. damn pissed lor.. hide haven't smile finish yet then they change to YOSHIKI... =(
4:50 Felt a bit sad when Wang Ren Fu answer their question =\

Why do I always missed their news when I can actually watch it on TV...
Last time Astro311 entertainment news got their news, then TVB8(astro313) got their news... UGHH!!!

Next, GLAY!

Yuuwaku (199x?)

1:59 WOHOO HISA!! ♥♥♥!!!

Yuuwaku (2009) (+ I am XXX)

(I think I've posted this before.. but WHO CARES!!? HAHA!)

Shutter Speeds no Teema (1999?)

Shutter Speeds no Teema (2007)

Oh ya I suddenly remember something..!

There's one time when I was buying my lunch or whatever at Canteen 2, and I saw this guy wearing this shirt...!

ROCK 'N' ROLL SWINDLE tshirt!?!?!?!

Wanted to talk to that guy but I don't have the guts of course..

I can't believe it.. I've been a GLAY fan for 6 years and I haven't met any GLAY fan in real life(not included my sis)..
But now I finally met one! UGH!!!

Anyway... I ♥ X JAPAN AND GLAY!!!

p/s: I want this..

***P/S 2: Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT rehearsal footage is coming soon in 29 October!!!

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