Friday, August 14, 2009


Yay I'm feeling better now! Time to blog! But mostly photos 'cause I'm lazy!

Some prizes me and ChingHuey got when we played some random guess quizzes at Canteen 2
But I gave it to other people 'cause I'm lazy to bring back home HAHA

*Me and ChingHuey

Going to play table tennis and badminton with them!


Evon doing Nik's assignment

ChingHuey VS Jane

Evon VS Jane

Rainie VS Jane

Jason(Liew) VS Jane (both of them damn pro!! very yeng lor Jane!)

So syok to play badminton.. damn long time didn't play already..!

After Nik's class(actually we skipped her class =X), went to celebrate Jason(Lim)'s birthday!

In Trista's car (left peace = MunYi, bottom peace = me)

*SNAP* (At Shaun's house)

Preparing water balloon.. ngek ngek ngek... *grins*

Reminds me of red blood cell =_=||||

The cake for Dota King Jason (LOL)

The cake to attack Jason

Sing birthday song

(so geng la I get to capture this scene! Fuiyoh!)


And the war begun!

Two orang gila

Carol kept throwing cake to people.. so scary ==|||
but didnt kena me 'cause I kept running away :3

Later Trista also become gila..|||

Fei too heavy nearly fall down =X

Orang gila chasing Fei 'cause Fei throw cake on to her head Lol

Dandruff =X

Dota king Jason + Dota king cake

Group pic 1 (set timer)

Group pic 2 (ask a random stranger auntie to help us take)




These two kept running away from the camera =_=|||
So I faster take their pic Lol

Went back to Shaun's house


Cut the cake

No enough plate spoon fork etc, so terus dig in ==|||


Yuck.. but the cream taste good... haha
but I don't like the blueberry(??) cream/jam(?) on the top la

Can you see there's a hair...?
I'm so LUCKY =___=|||


Play guitar
Most of the guys know how to play guitar leh.. maybe next time we can form a band HAHA
I'm quite serious.......

These two dunno laugh what.. gila


*SPLAT* Yucks..

Carol washed her hair

Lol siao zha bo

Later then we went to Feeling Cafe (yeah can terus walk back home~)

Group pic (exclude Shaun 'cause he's the cameraman)
but so blur.. alamak..

My drink... RM8.90 = RM9...
Regreted to order this 'cause it's so expensive...

Trista MunYi and those other girls attack my drink =__=|||

Jason(Liew)'s "Xut cha"..? Lol



ஐ影子ஐ said...

wangsa maju sec 2 ?!! == ...

KaedE said...

ya.. very obvious hor?? =__=|||