Thursday, August 13, 2009


Great.. now it's my turn to be sick..!
High fever, flu, cough.. I think it started from yesterday afternoon..
Kena quarantine for 6 days..||| But now I'm getting better anyway ^^

I was going to blog about what happened on Tuesday.. Played badminton and table tennis with my friends, and celebrate my classmates birthday, go yumcha etc..
But I was really tired to blog it so I just went to sleep..

Yesterday I was really scared.. well, you know.. H1N1..
I was really scared that I'll kena it.. I dun wanna die so soon..!
I still have a lot of stuffs I haven't done yet..!

I really hate to be sick.. 'cause I'll be thinking negative stuffs..
And it makes me more weak to do anything.. (心理作用)

Before my parents brought me to the doctor, my dad touched my forehead and said I'm not having fever.. But my mum said that my lips were getting red..
Clinic.. the doctor checked my temperature.. 39C.. high fever..
Have to wear the mask, incase I kena H1N1...

At first I wasn't really sad or whatever, still positive.
But the more I think, the more it gets worst..
I kept crying 'cause I dun wanna die..!
Yea I know I'm over reacting, but I was really scared ok..?
I dun wanna separate with my family so soon...
I still have many dreams I haven't archive..
etc etc etc...

I can't do my 3 final group assignments 'cause have to stay at home doing nothing.. felt really bad..
And what I don't want the most is... have to wait for the office to verify my MC letter etc.. ==
So troublesome!! UGHH!!

I thought I was tough, 'cause all my friends were sick but I'm not.
Now.. it's my turn.. FINALLY.. =___=||||

Everything is going to be ok... right..?
Oh ya, and Jane is also sick too.. she went back to Klang already..
Wish us luck..!


Carolinelzt said...

huiii~~~take k lo..
rest as many as u cn le..^^~

KaedE said...

getting better liao lor~ ^^