Tuesday, August 25, 2009


**Before this, I'll write about some nonsense.. Lol

Hmm... Finally went to watch Harry Potter with my sis at MidValley on Sunday!
Erm actually I don't really have any bad comment about the whole movie since I don't read the book, but my sis said that they didnt show quite lot of scene.
Anyway, Ron is stupid!! Lol!
and Bellatrix so cool!

And bought a pair of new shoes and DRESSES LOL
Shiny green bling sport shoes! Like MJ's shoes.. LOL but I like it!
Dresses.. Damn girly lor! But don't worry, I'll only wear it when I go out with my sis but not with my friends.. HAHA.
And another dress.. for wedding ceremony or whatever.. I don't think I will wear it though.. Just bought it 'cause.. last time I really like the dress but because damn expensive RM89 = RM90.. But now 70% off! SIAO!! Sooo... heh....
***I DON'T USUALLY GO SHOPPING LA OK?? Don't think that I'm like those other girls who spends a lot on clothings and accesories and other stuffs..
I only spend my money on buying my X JAPAN/hide/GLAY collections fyi.. Omg.. I need money... SHIT!

Yesterday after English class, went to pass up my MC to SSH office.. blablabla.. walked to CIT there but suddenly found out that I left my English text book at the office... so walk back there again.. blablabla..
Ching go home with me.. waited the stupid freakin Tarc bus for about an hour... Cook Maggi..(Ching, you very lucky lor.. I didn't even cook Maggi for my best friends before leh.. haha)
Watch Ghost Whisperer, so gan jiong.. Lol. After that dunno why already, I let Ching watch my 2007 performance DVD(not clear la).. Lol paiseh la wei...
Hmm.. I miss those days.. =\

After that go back college for HE lecture class, exam format etc... Saw that biatch also beh song.. LOL =X


At night discuss badminton with Fei, Caro, Evon, Jeff, Meng them..
Deng.. suddenly remember something.. so shit la why I so easy kena tipu...
Anyway we decided to play badminton at Danao Kota....


Lol I study at ChongHwa for so long already but I never came here before.. Well, I don't do sports anyway! HAHA!

When we're on the road in Fei's car, haih... the road to ChongHwa....
I miss 5A...!! =(


Actually we(me, Ching, MunYi, Jane, Rainie, Evon) planned to go karaoke today, I really wanted to go! I mean, c'mon, normally my friends asked me go I also ignore them.. This time I actually wanted to go(not to sing, but to act those singer singing HAHA GILA)!
But.. My family all said better don't go.. So......
And yesterday Fei asked us whether we want to go Genting after exam on 16 October, at first I was like, OH!! SURE WANT TO GO!! But.. well...

I know I know, if it's time to go, God will defitnitely let my die whether I'm sleeping or walking or just sitting at my home doing nothing(hey it rhymes!). But.. it's better to stay away right...?
I just don't wanna regret on anything that I actually can choose a better/right choice/way.

Ok back to badminton!

Two pros.. GENG!

(colour correction LOL)
Dunno why I like this.. it's kinda disgusting(well, not exactly), but in the same time it seems so.. what's that word..? abstract? 抽象? 很艺术的感觉啦 LOL

But these photos I took not really nice.. can't get the right angle =(

Mix double!

Hmm.. play until 1pm, then go MU McD.. but it's fulled.. So went to Carrefour..
And something bad happened.. Carol's car accident..!
Her car's back bumper and another Malay's car front bumper bump..!
Then... aiya lazy to write about it la.. Caro very geram lor..

I wanted to take pic, but dun dare.. ==
Evon so brave go very close to the Malay's car to take pic.. I takut they beh song so I didn't take =(

Hmm.. I think this is the first time I had this experience..? Sitting in the car then suddenly BUMP!!
I just.. JUST tried before kena hit by car when I was walking outside ChongHwa when I was in Form 2.. Not hit my whole body la.. Just my leg kena the car tyre.. My phone in my bag hampir mati, got "scar"! My fake cheap tamagotchi rosak already, and my english exercise book koyak already.. I think my water bottle also koyak ah..? Forgot already..

What I remember was.. That moment I just finished school, walking to my school bus with my friends...Walk.... Suddenly dunno what happened and dunno how I sat on the roadside already!
My... I think right shoe "flew away" at the side, my bag too.
I stood up, my friend also helped my to stand up, helped me wear my freakin shoe 'cause I felt nothing on my right leg... Pick up my bag.. And damn freakin dizzy..

I remember it was a green car with four guys in it... BEH SONG! THEY DIDNT SAY SORRY!!
Just stopped awhile then say they already shouted me! WTF!! USE HON LA!!
Well, I think they did asked whether I'm ok.. But please la! Normally will bring to klinik mar, they just go away!! ARGH!! BEH SONG!!

Ok.. too much rubbish to write.. Back to Carrefour!
Erm.. I lazy to write about Caro's car accident la, everyone is ok anyway, just cars a bit..
So scare to look at Caro park the car when she's geram, scare later another accident.. CHOI!!!

Ok after everthing was settled, McD! (-$)
Happy Meal...! Tamagotchi!!
I wanted to buy it actually, also buy for my sis~ Mametchi and maybe Memetchi~ But just left another one, so... =(

Damn tired while eating.. can't even listen to what they said plus they sit QUITE "far" away..
Then they go shop for their daily stuffs, barang keperluan..? I also follow lor..
They bought toothbrush.. Maggi or what mee etc.. biscuits...
Hmm, felt a bit weird and a bit glad that I stay here living with my family.. 'cause I don't have to buy all these stuffs myself.. HAHA
But what bad is.. I don't know how to shop and choose all those stuffs... D8

Ok then go home..
I wonder when will Wangsa Walk open..? Next time can go there watch movie~ *^__^)o


Badminton... At the beginning still don't know what to do 'cause scare I sux and made them beh song.. But after that it's ok 'cause get into it already :3 But of course still always missed the shuttlecocks.. shit la...
I think most syok is.. mix double with Meng, Evon and Jason2..! SYOK!! Haha!

Hmm.. it's a bit pressure playing with them, 'cause they count the points, like, really a competition... Last time(or should I say last year ==) I always simply play with my classmate...
But I think playing with them(U4) more syok, 'cause most of them know how to play and quite ok, some quite pro.. So 刺激 can play continuous.. Lol.

Tomorrow... 10am Chow's class... 1pm or 1.30pm English replacement class for 3 hours...! X___X
I dunno whether I wanna go or not..! I'm lazy to go.. and sure very less ppl go..
But.. But...
But Puan Rajamani is ChongHwa's teacher, and use to be my Form 1 Sejarah teacher..! So I'm gonna "betray" her...??



Carolinelzt said...

WHAT~!!pn rajamani ur X TEACHER~!!!!

KaedE said...

haha yalar.. but she forgot she teach me b4 de la =_="