Monday, August 24, 2009


Co-cu day!!

Pink + red + black = Wednesday PM!! ^__^)o

Pink = "Mickey" group
Black = "Move It" group
Red = "I know you want me" group = My group LOL

My group so sharp 'cause wear RED colour~ The other groups no red..

Lol dunno why, but we(Wed PM group) became quite close..! We kept cheering for each other and even dance the "Mickey" group's dance! All the other session groups look at us!
You imagine la, 40++ people dance the same dance.. So syok!

It's kinda scary.. We kept hoping that we won't get the first to perform, but mana tau.. our group leader so geng, chose the first team to perform...||| Maybe it's because we wear red.. Lol.

Kinda sad 'cause I did a bit mistake while performing... but.. oh well~ We still enjoyed it ^^

After performance.. Lol

So many ghost outside.. =X

Before this, we kept begging the gym assistant to let us go into the gym to watch and support the other Wed PM group you know?! So kesian.. But the gym assistant very nice finally let us in!
Then another group also want to come in. At first he dun wan let them in, but because of the heavy rain... LOL.

After Wed PM finished performing.. Go back to gym after eating..

Top 3

The leader's voice.. omg so geng and scary..
Maybe he use to be a commander..

Wed PM 3!! Move it!! >___<

This group geng..!! Very cute!

Already can see who is the winner..

Runner-up, Wed PM 3 - "Move It" group!

Winner... Thursday dunno what group.. GENG!


Although they didn't get the first place, but we still think they're reall great..!

Yeah~ My group~~

Wed PM!! YEAAHH!! (some of them went away already.. D=)

Hmm.. I still can't really blend into them..
But... I'll still be missing them =(

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