Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally I blog about this, the big day for us DML1 students..
'cause we're gonna hang our Introduction to Illustration assignment 4 (graffiti) at the basketball field in our college...!

Ok before this, let's see how many hours/days we(I) used to finish our canvas..
Started from Tuesday...

Tuesday(after TTG class I think?)
11am~7.30pm (of course got stopped for few sec or few minutes to eat..)

8am(me 8.30am)~9.30am
10am Chow's class, pass up our Conceptual Design final assignment
2pm~5pm++ Gym co-cu day practise

8am~12.45pm(skipped English class.. so sry to Puan Rajamani.. D=)
1~2pm++(?) Gym co-cu day practice
3pm~10.45pm (have to leave already 'cause hostel visit hour ended at 11pm..)

Friday the day to pass up..

Ok I'll start talking about things happened at Thursday night..

Ok.. I went home late Thursday night..
MunYi, Sharon and ChingHuey went back home already at about 7++pm 'cause they can't stay at the hostel too long.. So, left me and LiJuan doing it.
We kept modify or "edit" or whatever it called, to make it looks more perfect, but there's too many to correct them! Both of us were damn tired, our neck and spinal cord already want patah..!
Then I leave at 11pm since I can't stay there too long.. If there's no limit for the visitors' visiting hour, I will stay there and continue doing it..

Anyway, the next day, we went to hostel early again.. Just me and Chinghuey 'cause MunYi can go early.
So... It's just me, ChingHuey, LiJuan... But LiJuan have to prepare for her badminton practice at 9am so left me and Ching..

Later then, we went to print our Image Manipulation assignment 3(4) at 9.20am..
Damn nervous 'cause there's a lot of people queing for printing and photostating! But we still manage to print it before 10am!
Ching quickly went to Lab A1 to pass up IM assignment, and me, rushing back to hostel to continue modify our canvas..! STILL HAVEN'T FINISH YET!! (plus, I was wearing slippers.. can't went into the college.. Lol)

Back to hostel, continue modify it.. and it's already more than 10am..!
My sweat kept dropping you know?!! (LOL droppings..)
After finished modify it (not exactly finish modify it... but no choice..), me and MunYi fold the canvas again and again(dunno how to fold, scare later our graffiti not nice already), then off we go!!

My walking speed already x3.. damn tired.. 'cause Thursday sat on the floor doing the canvas nonstop for so long.. and wake up so early... damn tired...!

Finally reached the slop near the college hall! All those DML students all came down from the slop, and we finally spotted our U4 classmates! Fuu~~

U3 guys helping ppl hang their canvas.. Lol

Then kept waiting.. the weather was damn freakin hot..!! Crazy sunlight...
Then MunYi and LiJuan rush to TBR to buy string... bla bla bla... hang our canvas...

We hang ours here!

Damn hot weather.. hampir pengsan... SERIOUSLY.


Couple of the day LOL

Set self timer put on the ground.. haha


Waited until more than 12+++++pm, finally it's our(U4) turn! 'cause we hang our canvas at the very side...

Jason group..

Kevin group...

Trista group....

And finally.. the last group....

Our group.

We're SOOO nervous 'cause we still have to like.. explain our design etc..
Actually the whole design was LiJuan's design, and we didn't even think about what represents what.. we jus discuss it before it's our turn and guess what? The lecturers love it! LOL!!
Puan Nik and the other lecturer love the colour and gradient(haih of course la.. i did those gradient de... =X JKJK XD) of our canvas! And those circle and arrows did by LiJuan, Ching and MunYi~~
But the other lecturer dun like our font.. Puan Nik asked us to use this font de lor... =( And she said those arrows pointing downwards, "clients" won't be liking it.. D=

But still, we're very VERY happy!! HAHA!! =X

Well... we just got 68%... It's not the highest mark for the whole DML1, but we're the highest mark for U4... This is really happy 'cause the marks show our hardwork...!
Not really high mark la.. but still happy! ^^

Lol tak macam hit wall pun... FAILED!

Later Me and MunYi go Gym co-cu practice until 2pm... After that MunYi go pak to, me go back to hostel to find LiJuan, Ching and Evon them...

Ah ahh ahhhh~~~ *singing Earth Song* =(

Omg.. this was the best moment in the whole day...
'cause can relaks!!!!

ChingHuey become gila!! Then I also become gila!! HAHAHA!!!

We kept singing like crazy!! Really REALLY LOUD!! Just like tangjung rambutan!!
I haven't been so crazy already! I mean.. I'm only like this crazy when I was in Form 4 high school drama!! Can you imagine?!!
And we even use the phone to record outside the hostel with Earth Song playing... So kesian those trees... =(


5pm, HE class.. RAINING.

We kept worrying about our canvas.. Then the rain became more heavier!! We start running like crazy!!
Run to ABD to put our bags, and rush out to save out canvas!!!!

When we saw Kevin's canvas... we're freakin shock!! 'cause the colour all fading!!
We faster go see our canvas and untie it!! SAVED!! X____X

Kevin's canvas... yikes...

Ok.. that's all I guess.. other rubbish I'm lazy to talk about it! Still have other things to blog..!!


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