Friday, August 7, 2009


"All rejected"...

Went to bed at 2am last night (or should I say this morning..?) to finish my assignment sambil chat with Jiawei and Carol..






The next morning, combined me and my group members work and bind it etc..
Felt really happy to see what we've done 'cause we did put effort on it and it seems like ours were better than other groups. Of course there're still some groups that are better than us but so what? I'm happy 'cause we're not at the bottom no more.


"All rejected"

At first I felt nothing and still happy about what we did and not the weakest, but after that.. well.. you know.

Erm.. I'm not reaaallly sad actually 'cause our previous assignments were not that good already..

But I just don't get it.

I don't really get what the lecturer really want..! I mean.. what is "graffiti" for her?
I thought graffiti was like those on the wall paint or spray by those people..
The one that she showed us.. that is.. graffiti...?

And hell! The one that she showed us.. our group did thought about that idea.. I mean that 5 colour thing or whatever.. I dunno how to say la..!

I like that lecturer, but.. this made me a lil pissed..

Anyway, we U4 have about 4 groups (exclude Caro's group). 3 of us kena reject except Kevin's. That one really nice lor.. I beh song! 'cause they just have to edit a bit! But we have to redo! DENG! Haha!


Oh ya and Carol told us about some stuffs about U4.. Made me know a bit more stuffs about them.. just a bit la.
Haih~ 大家都是一家人,何必叻....?

After that we went to the hostel.. Was going to discuss TTG assignment but everyone is sad and emo-ing(eh emo can let the time pass faster leh!)

Wasting money again...
But there's One Buck Short thingy on it!
I think their songs quite nice not bad lor (as a local MALAYSIAN band I think they're good!)

Rainie isn't feeling well, stomachache.. so I teman her take taxi go to Desa's klinik.. But mana tau that klinik didn't open! So have to ask the taxi driver drive to the next nearest klinik.. which is just outside my house!! *spit blood*
Actually I can go home already, I did bring along my residence card.. but.... I left my keys at the hostel!! ARGHH STUPID!!!
Rainie.. she kena something quite serious(NOT H1N1 LA).. Hope she gets well soon..

>>> (forward)

Hostel >> chat >> sleep for awhile >> chat again
didn't even discuss about our assignment.. lol..

H.E. lecturer class.. U4 just got me, ChingHuey, MunYi, Rainie, Evon, Caro and Jon attended. Alamak..
Damn beh song the lecturer.. The class suppose to end at 6pm, but she 6.15++ only let us go! Made me late for my drama lesson for.. half an hour! Didn't warm up then do those training! Damn tiring X___X||||


戏剧课的时候迟到了.. 都是那个死lecturer迟放我们...
今天的她假到不能顶!一直扮到自己好像很好很可爱(呕)很friendly酱,平时都不是酱的.. 为什么她要这样叻?因为我们过后得上TARC网站来给她评分,所以她就假假演戏咯... =="

没有热身就得上“激烈”的训练了(不是很激烈啦,"pause"罢了).. 累到傻.. =="
过后... 天啊~~我猜对了!
很怕咯!我连唱K都不去的,现在要在人家面前唱!所以.. 唱也唱得震到很够力.. 超紧张的!(以前那时也是这样..) 呜...!


唉~ 那时只是一直练钯... 我想要学鼓啊!

家伟和思盈都有告诉我一点点关于他们筹委的东西.. 噢,好惨!


♥ Jace ♥ said...

n then mun yi say
take back the evaluation survey
all tick 5 hahaha...

KaedE said...

haha yalor
but i 不忍心 leh.. coz she's quite nice.. =(