Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's a tiring day yesterday~ But spending the first day of August with my two BFFs.. It's worth it ^__O)b

Yvonne, Me, YenTing

*Ignores Yvonne

So Yvonne started becoming gila LOL

Dunno why Ting act innocent here =_="

Me, Vonne

Act stupid again

Thinking back again.. I knew these two person for damn long time already..!
Knew Ting since Standard 1, knew vonne since Standard 6..

(Oh ya, suddenly remember there's english replacement class yesterday! But because most of my classmates didnt attend, so... :D :X)

Went to my grandma's house at night just like every other Saturday night.. And the weather is fking hot...!!!

Anyway, before we went home, we kept wondering where our dad wanna bring us to 'cause he's not driving to our way home! We kept asking where he wanna bring us to play! HAHA!!
And in the end... he drive into BHP petrol station.. So me and my sis were like "Ceh.. just to refill petrol also want go to Genting Klang..." BUT MANA TAU!! He drive into the car wash place thingy!!
Me and my sis were actually enjoying it! Sitting in the car watching those machine washing our dad's car.. We only went to this kind of car wash thingy once when we're still little..
The both of us kept laughing and giggling 'cause it's FUN! LOL (Sorry lor we're still KIDS!! And still enjoying it! HAHA!)

Hmm... Haven't finished my Intro to Illus assignment 2... Gonna pass it up next Tuesday..!


前天的戏剧课.. 算是目前以来最“投入”的吧..?
不停地跑.. 还想再跑多一点呢.. 已经麻木得一点都不累
因为可以“发泄” 可以哭

跑.. 得想“最近丑陋的画面”... 哭.. 其实为了什么而哭啊?
家庭方面,友情方面 都没有问题 都很好
学业.. 还ok...
那时想的就只有自己的问题,和.. MJ = 死亡
死亡.. 我恨它

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