Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ImageMani class was canceled today! Wohoo! I can wake up later!
But I forgotten I wanna see the Solar Eclipse(? chinese is 日食 la) when I woke up this morning.. Forgotten about it until I read Miyavi's Myspace blog just now... UGHHH!

Had Chow's class at 10am~12pm, but 11am already finish class! Then they go canteen makan but I didn't 'cause eat until bored of those food..||| After that go opposite college to do those transparency thingy for our presentation.. TOMORROW..

After I arrived home, I suddenly feel like wanna practice my electric guitar! So I just took it out and jam it! But of course I still suck at playing, and I lost my guitar pick... It's not syok at all 'cause I can't jam it very loud(and suddenly got ppl pass by my house door.. so scary later they ring my doorbell ask me to keep quiet..), but it felt really great to listen the sound of the electric guitar...
*Syok sendiri*

It's been a long time I didn't practice my guitar! Last time my left finger tips already quiet rough 'cause I kept practicing it, now already back to soft! Means that it's kinda painful when I press those guitar string..
Gotta practice more to make my finger tips become rough again = 会有成就感!HAHA!
Ugh.. well will I be as good as Hisashi or hide....? ._.

Then practice for my presentation awhile then go bath then cook and eat maggi then on the pc bla bla bla..


Sob.. Suddenly thought of Bon Odori..
Me and my sis wanna go but our dad won't allow us 'cause of H1N1..
Sigh~ just have to go next year..
Can't wait to wear our yukata again..!


Don't know why I feel like I'm kinda free and nothing to do these days..!
I mean, I still have assignments.. Maybe I'm bored of assignments already..?
(Swt I still have to face it for a few years and now I said that I'm bored already? Wtf.)

Conceptual Design assignment.. Have to use 2D elements to make a 3D thingy..
It just makes me remind of my seni project last year:

Kitchen interior design!

Mine is not the best compared to those from other schools of course, but I really like what I did :3


Searched for Lady Gaga's acoustic lives again

I really love how she plays her piano and her piano skill is like... wow...
She's weird but I think she's really cool and a bit funny and cute, she's herself and I love the acoustic side of her..!
I wonder if she'll be releasing a acoustic album..?


So nice that today's gym class has canceled(although we still have to replace it next time), I get to do my own thingy home alone(doesn't mean I don't like being with my family la)..
But I still need more time to spend on.. or at least have enough money so that I can buy GLAY's GREAT VACATION(I already repeated this for like damn freakin many times Lol) and other X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs......

And why is this MJ ultimate collection so cheap?!!
X JAPAN most expensive is RM700++ and GLAY is RM400++!! (Aduh... money...)
I still owe Yvonne and my sis money... *DIES*

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