Thursday, July 23, 2009


Went to Jane's hostel room before our English class to put my stuffs in her room..
We're having presentation today!! UGHH!!!

Simply wore my sis' shirt and slippers today 'cause.. I'm lazy to change my sport shoes to those heels and put my shoes into the plastic bag.. HEAVY! HAHA!
(Gonna simply wear a tshirt and slippers again 'cause I'm having drama lesson tomorrow! ♥)

After English class, went back to the hostel to eat and prepare for presentation.
Make up.. Omg ChingHuey has Estee Lauder's eye shadow!! Branded cosmetic!! AHHH!!
Next time if/when I'm rich, I WILL buy those branded cosmetics either Estee Lauder Dior Anna Sui or other brand! And I will buy everything double! 'Cause I wanna COLLECT THEM!! HAHA!!

From hostel to Block Q..!
Presentation...! It SUCKS!!
Damn beh song the lecturer.. How can she just cut in when people is presenting? This will make the presenter blank..
BUT!! I'm really glad that she stopped me('cause I was READING not presenting) when I was presenting 'cause mine was too long! (Hello what you expect.. SEJARAH BAHASA MALAYSIA LEH!!) Damn boring!
And my hands!! OMG!! I'm the first to present! And when I started to present, WALAU EH MY HAND SHAKE LIKE CRAZY!!! You can see my hand shake very clearly I tell you!!

I was really REALLY NERVOUS!!
This is not like doing a stage play you know?!
Stage play is something I want to do, although I'll still be nervous, at least it's something I love and enjoy ok?!
Presentation is NOT!! It's not what I wanted and it's not what I love!!

There're two feelings in me that moment (during and after presentation).
1. Sigh.. whatever.. What had happened already happened.. Look at the bright side, we don't have to do this again(I mean SEJARAH bm)! We can finally RELAX(a bit)!!
2. Walau eh!! Damn beh song the lecturer!! What's with that face?! What's with the LOOK?!?! So lan si for what?! Di... I so wanna punch her in the face when she show that so*dut* look(but of course I won't la.. I scare mar..)!! And she kept "bullying" Rainie! Beh song!! I beh song ah!!
Damn pissed!!

But still.. whatever!

I'll just treat it as a lousy drama performance!

Took some photos, but I'm lazy to post..! Maybe tomorrow..? or not..?


We're having Nik's mid term exam tomorrow!
I really hope that there's no theory test 'cause I'm really lazy to study or hafal(have to rest my brain)..!
If it's just practical drawing test, I'll be ok! I think..?

Hmm.. after Nik's class tomorrow, will be having Bernard's replacement class..
And after that will be going to TBR to buy stuffs for Chow's assignment and.. start doing it in the hostel..?

And H.E lecture class.. I'm still wondering whether I should go or not..
'cause my drama lesson starts at 5pm tomorrow, have to discuss some event or whatever..
Hmm.. Ughh.. Arghhh!!!



Carolinelzt said...

no pissed dont~!!
waste energy to angry her..

i also got shake la..
so obvious also=="

KaedE said...

haih.. really wan to belasah her lor =X