Monday, July 20, 2009


Michael Jackson hair on fire

Michael Jackson and Vitiligo

So sad that no one trust that he didn't bleach his skin or whatever...
He's sick ok ppl??!!

A huge succesful star with a horrible life.. How sad is that..?



My sis helped me bought Moonwalker DVD few days ago btw.
Damn speechless after we watched the movie 'cause it's too random! TOO!!!
I don't even know whether I should laugh or what! But some parts of the movie is really funny/stupid/random! It's all MJ's imagination! HAHA!
And plus, that Michael Jackson is during the "BAD" era! ♥♥♥!!


Yay! Finally I can talk write type about some stuffs about my college life etc!!
Wait.. I forgotten what I wanna write.. shit..
Laugh a lot with my classmates, go to classmates' hostel room, do assignments etc etc..

Oh ya! I remember what I wanna write now!
It's not about my class or course, it's about my drama lesson last Friday!

Had my drama lesson outside college last Friday after H.E lecture class(Omg U4 only got 4 person attend for the H.E class!!)
Hmm.. It's been a long time I didn't act over..! I mean.. although that day what I act wasn't THAT over, but still it's a biiittt over/sampat etc..
It felt really great and fun(to act stupid to entertain the others)..!

There's going to be a Mooncake Festival event by the Chinese Society in October, and there'll be a performance, and the drama group leader asked us whether who interested to perform that day..
I didn't raise up my hand or whatever, 'cause.. I think I'm not ready yet..? I mean.. I still haven't adjust or "calm down" myself in my college life. And...
I want to act during the big performance we'll be doing in the 2nd sem..!
I mean.. I'm not sure whether anyone will be choosing me as one of the cast or what, I just want to start by doing that performance, not matter whether I'll be the cast or backstage worker or what.

Talking about the 2nd sem performance thingy, I'm still wondering whether I should pass up the drama idea I thought of since like.. the beginning of this year?
It's not going to be a comedy like what I did last year, but more normal.
Should I...? If my drama really have been chosen, I'm scare that I can't manage my time.. Ok whatever I'm gonna have a try! (but I wanna act.. =( Oh well! )


MUSIC JAPAN is going to have Michael Jackson special tomorrow!!!
I mean... LATER!!! SHIT!!!


Fangirl time....!

Erm.. not much time to fangirl too much anyway..

Ughh!! Why there's no news about X JAPAN these days!!?
But only this!!

YOSHIKI as a character in a game!!

NO!! I want more news about X!!

And GLAY news!! Why there's no more!!?


THE END *DIES have to do assignment bye*

P/S: Sry to my drama junior 'cause I can't make it to watch their performance last Saturday..! >___<"

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