Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lol Now I'm in CIT! Damn long time didn't come here!
The connection still sucks as always btw =_=|||

Hmm.. What happened these days... I think everyday has happy and sad moment!

Monday... I forgot what happened.
Oh ya! I remember!! English oral... Me, MunYi and ChingHuey are the first again.. And it sucks.
Oh well.. guess I just can depend on my journals and essay tests..? (I suck in grammar).
The happy thing on Monday... I forgotten! But there is!

The sad thing.
Had my first presentation for Intro to Art.. The FIRST to stand up AGAIN!! So pissed! And we thought the whole group have to present at least 5 minutes, but actually is AT LEAST 10 MINUTES!! Oh shit.. But thanks to Jane(for forgotten what she's gonna present), our presentation last for about 10 minutes! YAY!! HAHA! Sigh I suck too 'cause I also forgotten some stuffs especially those animals' name like what Vancouver Island Marmot or whatever..
The happy thing is...
Passed up my Intro to Illustration assignment! And hell!! I got the highest mark in my class! And Puan Nik took my artwork dunno for what (I forgot).
I mean.. of course I'm happy, I'm proud of myself and I made my family proud, and my friends kept praising me or whatever.
But it felt really weird 'cause I'm not use to it, and I know that there're many people else are way better than mine.

Wednesday - Today
Sad thing, my Image Manipulation assignment.. I think it's not really nice..? And during the practical class I was stuck while using Illustrator.........
Happy thing(?), my Conceptual Design assignment 2 was the highest in my class..? I was shocked, or should I say blur when Ah Chow(lecturer) say out who's the one who got the highest mark in our class (and he pronounce my name wrongly just like the other non-chinese teachers.. I thought he'll be pronouncing it correctly 'cause my name is chinese han yv pin yin..|||)
Again, I don't think I deserve this.

Ok.... will upload some photos took on Wednesday and some of my assignment next time!
Gtg kbye!

P/S: Happy Birthday to my dad♥

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