Friday, July 10, 2009


Wow.. I didn't update my blog for two weeks for now..!

Found out that my time management SUCKS.. the time is not enough for me!!
But I did try to think positive 'cause I know other courses' assignments are more than ours!

Been busy on my Intro to Art group assignment..
Had our pre-presentation on Tuesday and it sucks, plus we haven't finish everything yet. The other groups doesn't want to be the first to present so we have to be the first, not to waste more time. Well.. the first ones always sucks.
Fell kinda down 'cause we felt that other groups' masterpiece are better than ours.. But after that we finished(kinda) it, it looks better than before..!

Went to JJ with my classmates yesterday after our English class..! Took the taxi... (my money....!)

Evon, Jane, MunYi

*Reminds me of the day that me, Yvonne and Kenji came to JJ McD last time.. Eat these fries until wanna puke!! XD

Me, ChingHuey. Rainie (MunYi's hand)

Before we went to McDonald's, we passed by SEED..! Anna, Diana and Sarah is there! :D Kinda miss them.. But damn tired to work as a sales girl =_="
After McD before going to the second floor(or first floor..?), went to Adidas to visit Arricson! XD

Second/first floor... Passed by SPEEDY and of course, they're playing Michael Jackson's vids again..! Playing Moonwalker! I never watch that movie before and I never knew that it's something like a comedy(and that look of MJ is my favourite MJ look during "BAD" era! XD)!! I quickly sms-ed my sis and told her about it!

While watching, I was also sms-ing with Yvonne. Then suddenly she called me, crying. Well.. I'm not going to write about it here, but after my H.E. class I went to find her anyway. Hmm..

Anyway, after that, walked to JJ department's CD store. And of course, playing MJ's vids again! Stood there and watch again! Watched the same thing again and again, but I'm still not bored of it.
So glad that another two of my friends also enjoy watching MJ..

Primary school.. A fan of Faye Wong. After that started to listen english songs when I was standard 2 or younger, a fan of *NSYNC and M2M.
Standard 6, started to listen to Japanese songs. And now it never ends.

Everyone around me just listen to Chinese songs OR R&B hiphop etc songs, which I don't like it.

Being "alone" in the music world.. having different music taste with all my friends since I was in... primary school... how suffering is that..?

After JJ, went back to the college hostel to finish our work..



This morning our Intro to Illustration lecture class was cancelled. But... I have to discuss assignment at 8am at the hostel..! BUT!! I woke up late!! (I'll say the reason later) And ChingHuey was waiting!! Soooo sry...!!

Then blablabla..

And guess what I brought back from my friend's laptop??


That's my sis' desktop btw... really love her anti-virus software 'cause it can detect it and delete it.. not like mine...


In this week, I cried for a few times. Because....

1. This

This is suppose, SUPPOSE to be my Intro to Art Illustration assignment. I was so happy that I can draw it like this(but I hate the coloured cat's eye).
I did the one without colour first, but after that I only noticed.. The media we should use is Charcoal, colour pencil and PEN.. NOT charcoal, colour pencil, and PENCIL......!!
Well that's not a big deal actually.. I just forget about it and did the coloured 1.. But when our lecture checked our research of the pic etc, she said I can't use my cat pic.. 'cause it doesn't have a background.............
At first nothing 1.. but.. when I think about I can almost finish this assignment soon, and not I have to do it all over again...... AHHHH!!!! Kept holding my tears but still it burst out!! Damn funny la!!

Stayed up late with my dad and sis to watch his memorial live on Tuesday night... And went to bed at about 4am..
While watching the live, I wanted to cry but I was very tired so I fell asleep at the middle part. Then woke up when that Britains Got Talent kid Shaheen Jafargholi sings.. Omg his vocals is awesome!! Better than those normal singers BLAHH LOUSY!!
In the end, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris speakes!! So shocked!

This seriously made me in tears..

The next day I watched the memorial live again and again, and still loving it.
Everyone's performance were really emotional especially Usher and except for John Mayer..

Beyonce's tribute to Michael was also really emotional and her vocal is so powerful..

My favourite MJ look
1. Bad

2. Black or White

3. Remember the Time

=( SAD!!!!

And watch this


And!! Yoshiki knew Michael Jackson!!

Wtf!! How does Yoshiki know so many famous people!!?


Omg how long I didn't fangirl in my blog!?!?!


YAY I ♥ hide!!! HAHA He's doing stupid moves again!!




Ok going to do my assignments now bye HAHAH!!!


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