Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Before and after 1
It taste sucks.

Before and After 2 (outside Lab A1)

Today is NOT my day.

1. I HATE Illustrator
This is the second time(not include PenTool) we learn Illustrator, and both of these two times I can't catch up.
Last time I totally don't know what to do. This time.. kept having problems.. Either is the pc got problem or I did something wrong.. Really pissed and hard to breath until my tears burst 'cause I can't catch up, which made me felt myself a failure..
After that I kept simply do then finally did what I should do. Fuu.... k.

I still prefer photoshop.. since I've already used if before for few years already(but didn't use all the tools)and it's way easier... D=

*This reminds me of Michael Jackson and his Vitiligo.... He DID NOT bleach ok...?!

Oh and fuk, today's lesson we used a fking butterfly symbol..
I just been horrified by a fking huge butterfly last night until I cried like crazy, and the next day I have to face a fking butterfly image again.. still have to drag it become bigger summore..
(Paiseh lor this is my phobia...)

2. The lowest mark.
...for Chow's 3rd assignment.

Left: Shaun's group - 78%
Right: Carol's group - 74%

Jon's group - 65%

Jason+Jeff group(geng-est group in our class) - 84%

Ours... the lowest.. and that is.. 60%..

All the work..

My ConceptD exersise 2, I got 92%.. But so what..?
My groupwork result is low..
I think I can't get an A for this subject, 'cause got a lot of people are better than me... and GD students more geng...

Sorry Michael for having such a low mark stage as a tribute to you..
Few days ago.. it's your one month memorial eh..? So fast..

All of us had no mood at all after the class..

On the way to hostel, beside college hall/near Block V..

This one not nice..
If only I have a DSLR... MUST HAVE IT NEXT TIME!!

Before and after 3 *yawn*

Dunno why I love to take photos like these.. to express how I feel perhaps..? Whatever..

Suppose to have gym theory test(ugh), but just studied a bit and then sleep in my friend's room.. damn tired.. 不是精神上的累,而是心灵上的累...
But after a nap I felt A BIT better.. I THINK..?

3. Gym assignment
After gym theory test, we have to do gym assignment..
the pictures I searched were like damn small.. and everyone else searched more stuffs than me..
Ugh whatever.

After that went home, take a bath, rest awhile, and back to school for drama replacement lesson..
I thought I can forget everything happened today, but I can't. And it even gone worse..
because.. they're better than me a lot...


Reached home at around 8.45pm.. bath...
And guess what..?

....Got it during drama lesson..

Actually I already felt a bit painful during the lesson, but I didn't bother it..
But now... UGHHH...!!!

When I was in secondary school, I rather to sacrifice and got quite lot of wounds during drama practice, and I don't even bother.
But now I kept thinking... why am I doing this to myself...?

I said to myself again, I don't wanna quit drama again.. Never.
But I kept thinking, what if I quit again..?
Just like what I did during my secondary school life.. I promised that I won't quit, but in the end I still quit.. What's up with that..?
Because of this, I seldom promise on something already.


Having 4 hours break tomorrow after English class..
Sleep..? or go to JJ..?

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vertigonick said...

wa.. what u guys do during drama lesson until can get bruises??

btw dun beat urself up because of 1 assignment, there's still alot more chances to prove urself :) cheer up yo!