Monday, July 27, 2009


Went to hostel and skipped ConceptD's lecture class to do Chow's assignment after English lecture class..
And YAY! We finished it already! So happy! ^^^^^^^^^ (Lol scary eyes)

TTG's lecture class.. had mid term exam.. which I already forgotten about it...
Felt down in the morning 'cause I felt myself so stupid to do my group assignment until I forgot there's TTG exercises to do and exam today.. But thanks to my friends craziness, I became happy again ^^

Ok back to the test!
Erm.. Basically I think most of the people kept cheating during the test including me of course =X

I know, cheating is bad, and especially it's bad for myself..
But I can say that it is also pretty fun and exciting =X
Ok.. I don't always cheat ok? The first time I cheated was during Form 4, with the whole class!

We cheated whenever it was our form teacher's class!
Ok let see.. we cheated in.. Science.. PJK.. Maths... I think just these 3..?
I remember during PJK test we shout-whisper the answer(abcd) from the front to back and back to front!
As for Science and Maths.. we pass the whole exam paper =X
But actually those who cheated were me, Yvonne, YenTing, Onzai, BanZhang(高级班长 XD) and sometime ahTong, CBJ, XiXiang.. LihFeh them... And Miki them.. LOL almost the whole class(My class just got less than 30 people)!! HAHA!! =X

And during exam, after a few minutes..


This was my class.
This was 5A, the last Art class in SMK ChongHwa, Jalan Gombak.

Although I don't talk to all of them, I don't talk a lot in the class
But still
I miss 5A.. =(

Anyway, hopefully I still can pass my TTG midterm exam =X *dream on*

**Intro to Illus assignment..
**ImangeMani assignment..

GAAHHHH!!! ~___~

"Sorry if anyone is disgust by my craziness my noise and my childish act
I just wanna keep myself positive."

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