Wednesday, June 24, 2009


*sings* Transformers! More than meets the eye!

Walao eh just now went to watch Transformer 2 with my coursemates! Well not exactly coursemates actually.. should be classmates.. ._."

Anyway! I didnt watch Transformer 1.. but.. TRANSFORMER IS SO AWESOME!!!! Me and my friends watch until cry!! HAHA!!
Going to watch it again with my family this Sunday~♥
(Ish.. I wanna watch Hannah Montana the Movie, 17 again and Last Blood also....D=)

Hmm Didn't get along with my other coursemates or seniors etc after the show, just hang out with my groupies! But hor very yeng lor, 'cause 90~95% of the cinema is all TARC Multimedia students(I think?)! The cinema(or theatre ah? dunno la) is HUGE!!! (This is the first time I watch movie in TS btw 'cause I always go KLCC♥)

Oh ya I bought Caramel Combo Large popcorn set.. I thought I can finished it but now I realise that I can't, I just can finish it when I'm with my sis =(

Ok.. after the movie session, walk around in Times Square with my friends~ But after that MunYi have to go earlier 'cause later she don't have transport =(

Walk around in Times Square, Jane bought some clothes, Rainie bought a new bag, me... no money so didn't buy anything LOL (have to save money to buy GLAY's Great Vacation Vol. 1 A! And my dad's present, and my SIS' present :3 and more!!)

*Filet + Pepsi (McDonald's filet is wayyyy better!)

After walking around non-stop, all of our eyes already wanna pop out and dizzy, and we finally went to eat! MarryBrown.. LOL

*Me and Jane


So funny 'cause the seat that we sat is like bench-swing(?), then me and Jane kept swinging it and bang the two pole behind us =X

*What we ate+drank

Later then Jon(our classrep) join us 'cause later the four of us go back by monorail+LRT together.

*Take 1 + Take 2 (Jon, Jane, Me, Rainie)
Ughh I hate my height..! Just like a guy!

Ughh hate that time(5~6pm) so much! 'Cause there's so many people just finish their work and take the train! Before we went into the LRT train(already at the entrance), there's a woman quickly rush to us and "squeeze" us into the train, so we get to go into the train before the door closes. Eh wait.. if I didn't forget about the scene that moment, I think that woman kena the door when the door close!
And because that woman is blocking the door to close, the door opened itself again!! LOL! And you know what? That woman still look at us and smile at us!! (Walao eh positive thinker?) I dunno whether should angry or thank that woman lor! Haha!

Hmm~ So "ke xi" that MunYi have to go back earlier and ChingHuey cannot come 'cause she's sick yet she's the most excited 1 =\


Ok end of Transformer!

Time for random stuffs!

Not enough ribbons...!! X____X

Weeks ago me and my sis bought DMC DVD!!!

*Detroit Metal City

FINALLY!! We get to watch this movie!! We kept searching for it through the internet LAST YEAR but we can't find it!! But this time we finally found it!! And it's so freakin' cheap I wanna buy another 1!!

Starring Matsuyama Ken'ichi as Negishi Soichi AND JOHANNES KRAUSER II!!

This is one of their song's PV

Haih.. normal people won't understand the handsome-ness of Krauser-san..

Me and my sis watched for like many times and still not getting bored of it.. MatsuKen = ♥
Really think that he's a really good actor..♥
And Gene Simmon RULEZZZZ LOL

Oh! And weeks ago I've bought PATI-PATI GLAY as cover :3
Hisa is soooo pretty... *w*


THE END HAHA!! (wtf?!)

Ughh.. have to go to college again tomorrow...

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