Monday, June 1, 2009


Oh, it's raining..!

There's nothing much happen today in my college life, nothing special or anything.
Oh ya, our course finally had classreps. *yawn*

Now it's fangirling time again! Bye!



News in Taiwan

NOOO i got this channel at my home but i didn't saw/notice it!!!! *DIES*
Nearly cried when TOSHI sang Without You at 0:34.. but the narrator destroyed my mood 'causa she pronounce hide's name wrongly at around 0:59..! *pissed*
And OMG YOSHIKI wears wedding dress AGAIN!! He wore once in 1991!!

Luo Zhi Xiang also X JAPAN's fan

There's two things that pissed me watching some parts of these vids..
1. they pronounce hide's name wrongly
2. hide is NOT X JAPAN's ex-VOCALIST! It's GUITARIST! And he's not EX!!

News in Japan

After concert press conference


So shock when me and my sis saw YOSHIKI wore wedding dress! But he don't look girlish anymore so it looks kinda weird Lol

This is how YOSHIKI looks like with wedding dress in 1991

So pretty.. =(


There's some people recorded some parts of the concert and posted them in YouTube, it's illegal and those Taiwan fans kept scolding those who posted it..

Ya it is illegal, but for us who can't even go to their concert, we are really happy that someone posted it ok?!

Selfish people..

YOSHIKI + SUGIZO Silent Jealousy Piano+Violin performance

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