Thursday, June 4, 2009


The playground at SzeYang's house apartment

Lol was going to blog yesterday but there's no time!

Now I'm in college's CIT again waiting for the next class *yawn*..
*Listening to hide's ever free! X3*

I think my college life is getting better now..?
I mean.. It's kinda boring but there's some moments are ok, and I'm always with my other two classmates which I think they're kinda funny and crazy.. Haha! But I still don't really know the other classmates D=

Yesterday after all my classes were ended about 12pm, I called JiaWei to ask whether Milkygreen got practice their performance or whatever, and he told me that there're at SzeYang's house there doing their props for the performance! So I just took the TARC bus to Genting Klang! (Heh don't have to waste money =X)

Their performance props

Hmm.. Well I'm already ready to be left over if I went there. But there's some moments I played with them and it's was so crazy and fun!
I admit that I do miss those day when I was really crazy and over, one of the craziest one in Milkygreen, but of course everything changed. Me, the others.. But I'm still loving to play with them..! But just not THAT over.

XingLing showing her wound(can't see it) and posing with the fake tree

They're going to New Era College tomorrow to rehearsal and stuffs..
I'm really.. erm how to say that word.. admire or whatever la! Really "admire"(not exactly admire la) ahLing..! She's kinda a perfectionist and wants high hopes etc. Those props are really nice! It's not 100% perfect, but they can actually make those props! Those fake tree, stall etc.. But the only thing I don't like about her is she's kinda strict =S It's not a wrong thing la, but I don't like it haha.

I did helped them do some stuffs, but in the end I do my assignment sketches *headache!* D=

Walking around bare foot is really filthy, but I really miss the feeling! I took off my socks and shoes when I was there(eww!) but all of them are the same so it's fine LOL

Theres a moment an old woman came to chat with us. She told us about her grandson her daughter her life and other stuffs.. I felt really pity for her and glad for myself 'cause I know I'm a good daughter and a good granddaughter, I had a great and happy life. Thank God that I was born in this family in this kind of environment..!

Oh ya! Yesterday was my "birthday" in the lunar calendar! I don't even know it until my mum told me when I arrive home yesterday! (Ahh! I haven't eat the chicken drumstick that my mum cooked for me yesterday!!)

Well actually I have nothing to blog about now, but it's just sooo boring right now! What can I do?! And me and my classmates were leaving only at 2.30pm! I have to wait for another half an hour! *YAWN*
I can't even open my RC in facebook 'cause the connection is freakin' lag! Even if I open it, all those characters are going to be Picaso-like artwork (sorry if I spelt his name wrongly!)

The fake tree that they made! Nice hor???

Oh ya! So swt that the English lecture class this morning was been canceled again! GOD! When will we start our English class?! Ughhh!

Mango ice blended

Ok... Basically I have nothing to do now but wait for the time to pass.. So...


P/S: Ahh! Hannah Montana The Movie is on the screen today!! I WANNA WATCH!! LOL

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