Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pek Cek Day

(Lol I was thinking of waking up at 12pm, but I woke up at 9am)

25~26 May 2009, what the fuck is wrong with these day?

First, H1N1 in TARC
Next, news about Michael Jackson(and Farah Fawcett)'s death
Finally, have to do the Hubungan Etnik assignment again.
What's up with that?

Farah Fawcett's death is because of cancer.. Ughh!! I hate cancer! I hate those diseases that kills!!
I've watched one episode of Charlie's Angels before so I know her. She and the other angels were really pretty in those days..! And now she's dead..?

Michael Jackson's death.
I receive my sis' sms yesterday morning before 9am.. When I saw what my sis wrote, I was like "HUH???!!!" and I quickly rush to my parent's room and told my dad! He was shocked too of course!! Then I quickly on the pc to check the Yahoo! news and MSN news!!

The news is everywhere.. WORLDWIDE.
Watched CNN news before and after college.

In college, saw someone holding "MICHAEL JACKSON RIP" at the Canteen 2, playing MJ's songs.. And in DK ABD, they're playing MJ's songs too!!
It felt really great that all MJ lovers unite for this very sad and special moment.. the power of the fans..

I wasn't a really big fan of his actually, but since my sis was a MJ fan when she was little, and I was just about 5 years old that time(she was 9), she kept playing MJ's songs and watching MJ's vids, and I was there too.
His music videos.. Black or White, Thriller, Beat It, Remember the Time, Bad, Heal the World etc etc.. And those concerts videos with crazy fans screaming and fainting...
They're all in my memories.

He was a really great person, a great performer, a great musician, THE King of Pop.
He was going to have his curtain call just after 2 weeks, but he can't make it.
What is wrong with this world?!! Why won't they just let him finish this last wish?!!

Watching the CNN news, seeing the fans going crazy in tears when they knew about it, it really hurts and made me cry eventhough I'm not a huge fan.. They're going to see him, getting near to their dream in just 2 weeks! But.....
If I'm his fan, I know that I'll be just like those fans...


There's The Beatles, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones and other great legends, great musicians.. Yea they have fans worldwide too, but somehow they're not like Michael Jackson.
The WORLD loves Michael Jackson.

But now he's..... gone...?

I just hate death... Especially on those talented people...

"No Music No Life"
Music sure is the most important thing in this whole universe all right..?


Ok.. Next H1N1.

Yvonne msg me last night through msn. She said that TARC confirm got people kena H1N1.
I actually screamed!! My sis' friend also said that! I told my parents immediately!
Then I call Jane and MunYi to tell them about it!! AHHHH!!!

The next day I went to college, there's not many people wearing masks. I mean, there is, but only below 10 or less people who wears it.
I didn't wear it when I reach there, I wear it only in the lecture hall. But after that I took it off 'cause I'm gonna have my meal and it's freakin' hot!!!


But before I went home my sis asked me to wear the mask back since I'm going to the bus stop which is full of VIRUS! HAHA!

I don't know whether it's just my imagination or what, but it felt like most of the people don't dare to get close to me when I was sitting at my doorstep the bus stop! So funny la!!
Eh c'mon people! Wearing a mask doesn't mean already kena the virus or sick, it's to avoid and trying to protect ourselves ok?? Those who're sick don't even wears it 'cause they're afraid that people would think that they have the virus!

Speaking about people that doesn't wear mask, few days ago when I'm going back home with my classmates from watching Transformer 2 in LRT, the train was congested.
And guess what? There's a guy behind KEPT COUGHING AT MY LEFT SLEEVES!!! FUCKK!!!!
I can't do anything! I just kept FEELING THE COUGH'S "WIND" THAT HE COUGHS AT MY SLEEVES FUCK!!! I didn't think of asking that person stop doing that that time!! UGHH STUPID ME!!!

But thank God I didn't get sick!! Aiks!

Seriously, I don't wanna die yet. I'm scared of death! I still have a lot of things I wanna do!
I don't want anyone to die especially those who I know..!

Fuck.. I hate diseases..

RIP Michael Jackson..


Ok end of death and diseases...
Time to talk about the day I've been through these two days = 25 and 26 May.

25 June 2009
English class

Rushing our Hubungan Etnik assignment at Jane's hostel, everyone's going crazy

Time for Hubungan Etnik class, but we haven't finish our assignment, so in the end we can't make it...

Finally finished our assignment! Tried to print using Jane's printer but the printer got problem!! So we rush/run to Canteen 2 to print+binding!
But damn many people waiting to print!! Then we saw our classmate - Carol, Evon, Shaun and another one I dunno his name(LOL) also waiting to print+bind their assignment!! Thankfully we're not the only group!!
In the end we decided not to attend the class, planned to replace the class together with U5(i think?) at 4.30pm.
While it's going to be our turn to print, suddenly kena some random person scolded because we somehow cut the queue? She said what "I already let your friend queue for a long time already and you guys still cut in?!" Fuck la! Who knows that before this you're infront of us?! All of us are in major madness mode right now who wanna care?! If it's like that you should tell us EARLIER, not when it's going to be our turn you fucking bitch!!! (MAD MODE RIGHT NOW)

Finished printing and binding!! Rushed to Q113!! Knocked the door and WHOA full of students!! 'cause other course's student also there! (LOL one of my drama friend also there!)
There're 8 of us - me, MunYi, Jane, Rainie, Carol, Evon, Shaun and the other guy(=X). All of us went into the room and trying to replace the class+handing up our assignments. BUT in the end the lecturer rejected us!!! AHHHH!!!
We rushed like crazy for nothing.. NOTHING!!

The next day - 26 June 2009
Intro to Illus lecture class at DK ABA
But the lecturer finished lecturing at 11am, so me, MunYi and Jason went to eat. (Jane and Rainie @ PTPTN, ChingHuey still absent)
After that went to library.

Went to Q304 to find the H.E lecturer, we thought 12.30 there's a replacement class that we can replace, but in the end we found out that we misunderstood it. We can replace it at 2.30pm but unfortunately me and MunYi have to replace our co-cu so we can't.
Hubungan Etnik tutorial class attendance = 0
Have to correct some of the things in the assignment, going to pass it up on Monday... *dies*
Decided to correct the assignment before 2pm, so we went to college hall to find Jane to get her hostel key so that we can use Rainie's laptop to correct it.
After we get the keys, suddenly raining heavily!!!


After that we cancelled our plan and go back to library to do research on TTG's assignment...

Co-cu Gym workout.. *tired*

Went to hostel to Rainie's room to correct the assignment.

Finished! Rush to Hubungan Etnik lecture class and made it before it started!
(So shocked when I heard someone was playing MJ's song when I opened the lecture hall's door..)

5pm++(before 6pm)
TIME TO GO HOME!! (yay my sis fetch me home ♥)

Ok end of this entry LOL

*Listening to this.. hide - MISERY (my fav song of hide..)

RIP to all the great musicians who died..

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