Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hello! Gonna have a quick update right now! (but not going to post those TEA TIME 16 photos la.. sry to MilkyGreen and ahBoy and JiaWei lor~~ HEH)

Ok... This incident happened two days ago, which was Friday..

Me, MunYi and ChingHuey was walking to DK ABD from the slop near the college hall.
While walking.. suddenly I noticed something! There's two monkeys standing/sitting on a wire thingy infront! We stood there and was planning to take their photos(LOL), then suddenly one of the monkey open wide it's leg and suddenly PEE!!! WTF?!?!? LOL!! There's a girl at the opposite side of us was going to go through there but when she saw the monkey she step backwards! Haha!

Ok.. after that stupid monkey finish it's pee(HAHAH), we wanted to take their photos... And suddenly the other monkey "stand up" and looking at us, looks like wanna attack us!! So we just stood there dunno what to do!
Fortunately there's a guy was going to walk to DK ABs! We quickly follow him but of course quietly la. When we're walking under the wire thingy already, suddenly ChingHuey dunno why run! Then those monkey started to scream like CRAZY!!! I didn't run 'cause I scare later they chase me! But thankfully those monkey didn't come attack us la... Fuu~

So scary lor you know..?! Especially when they scream!! X___X||||

Another thing is, when we're in the DK ABD waiting for the lecture to start, MunYi suddenly asked us to look at a guy who wears pink shirt(I forgot why). We kept searching for that guy but all we can see was just girls who wear pink! But in the end we found out that one of those "girls" in pink that we saw was a guy!!!

We kept laughing like crazy 'cause that guy looks like a girl from behind!! And he's a bit sissy.
I'm not saying that I laugh because that guy is sissy and looks like a girl, I laugh because I thought he was a girl. Ermm... how to say this..?? It sound similar but it's different meaning ok..??

Ok no more! Lol!

I still haven't finish my courseworks!

And YAY!! GLAY is going to perform Yuuwaku on MUSIC JAPAN tonight! Nice old song!!
Oh ya! And I bought June or July issue(i forgot) of PATI-PATI with GLAY as cover!! Actually there's another mag with GLAY as cover (I think is ARENA 37C?) and the contents has 22pages of GLAY!! But Hisashi looks much prettier on PATI-PATI's cover *___* And PATI-PATI's cover+pics are better!

I'll post it here next time eventhough no one cares! Haha! HAHAH! HAHAH!! (LOL SYOK SENDIRI)

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