Friday, June 12, 2009


In CIT again....

Now waiting the time to pass again 'cause later going to discuss the H.E. assignment..

Gahhhh I wanna sleep...!! Yay it's Friday today! Means that I can wake up late tomorrow! =D


Had my first drama lesson yesterday..!
Played some games that I played before when I was in MilkyGreen..

I did laugh a lot there, but in the same time I felt alone 'cause I'm not that "crazy" anymore since I've already stop attending drama lessons for about a year..
There's another 3 freshies who used to join drama when they're were in high school too. PeiLi(my 2007 drama camp friend), a Level 5 one from SMK KwangHua, and another one from the same school with PeiLi.

Well I knew the 3 of them, I mean... I know PeiLi, but the other two, I know who're they('cause they're quite "famous"), but they don't know me. (Yes I'm not famous bla)

The three of them knew each other so they get to fool around, but me.. Hmm..

Ugh I'm just hoping that I'll faster turning back to over again...!!



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