Thursday, June 11, 2009


Listening to hide - Junk Story AGAIN('cause listen it from my blog) and waiting time to pass right now in CIT(AGAIN) 'cause later going to attend my first drama lesson in TARC..! NERVOUS!!

It's a really REALLY tiring day today, I'm really tired and wanted to sleep right now.. But because of drama, haih... have to sacrifice la..

This morning I went to college by TARC bus at 9.15 or 9.30am, but when I went into the bus I suddenly remember Jonathan(classrep) told us that this week don't have English class! So I sms-ed ChingHuey(classmate) to confirm.. Then after I reached college, went up into the bus again, stop by at LRT. Standing at the LRT station kept wondering whether I should go or not, in the end I didn't go 'cause I'm really tired already.

When I reach home and sat infront of the fan, suddenly Jon sms-ed me again said that the lecturer said if late after 10.45am then the attendance will be 0!! So I have to walk to the busstop opposite LRT and wait again... DAMN RUSH!! I thought I can sleep again rest or whatever, mana tau... shit..!

Kept sms-ing MunYi, ChingHuey, Rainie and Jane. Haih so "busy" and rush la..

(Alamak! I actually finished this entry but because of the stupid internet connection can't save it so everything is gone!! Have to retype again!! Shiat!)

After I reach college I'm already exhausted! V305.. the third floor!! (saw XiXiang when I reach the 3rd floor haha) Damn tired lor!
When I went into the classroom.... O___O O.M.G....!! Puan Rajamani!!! ChongHwa's teacher!! Guru disiplin!!! So nervous lor!!

I thought she's going to be quite fierce or whatever, but she's actually kinda nice! =O
At first she asked where we're from etc, then she asked me which school I'm from ('cause I said KL/Setapak mar), I was like "......ChongHwa...." Then she give me that "look"! But she don't regconize me (she teach me before when I was in Form 1 Haha!), this shows that.... I'm a good(and normal D=) student! 'Cause normally those teacher will regconize those bad student =D

Oh ya and I asked her whether I can exempt the English subject she say cannot! Must go take that MUET(I don't even know what is that...)..!


I think my college life IS really going to be interesting..! And I knew some new friends(classmates).. MunYi, ChingHuey, Rainie, Jane(Hubungan Etnik assignment groupie), Sharon, Jonathan(classrep =\).... and... erm.. that's all LOL I mean, these few I talk to them the most la especially my H.E. assignment groupies!

It's so funny just now when we're discussing the H.E. assignment! Talk about nonsense, laughing crazily Lol.

Hmm.. Going to my first drama lesson now..! Going to see Milo.. Ahhh! Nervous+scary!!
I wonder what we're gonna play..?? :3

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