Friday, June 5, 2009


Finished my lecture class 2 hours ago, listening the piano+violin performance of YOSHIKI and SUGIZO right now.. Later going to listen to Adam's No Boundaries and GLAY's songs..!

Actually I have a lecture class later at 5pm, but... don't want to go.. Hubungan Etnik..! =X
It's just like those classes during high school right..? And this subject is "dead", I can read it myself too right..? Hmm.. maybe the lecturer will inform some stuffs about some stuffs or info in the lecture class..?

Ugh whatever, at least I'm not doing anything at home. I DID search for some stuffs for the Hubungan Etnik assignment through internet ("Penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai medium perpaduan kaum".. T.T)..
And have to do the Conceptual Design assignment (this is quite ok but kinda headache to think! But that's what designing is all about huh..)!

Hmm didn't practice my electric guitar for almost a month now..! I have some time right now but gotta finish the important stuffs first - ASSIGNMENTS!!
After that maybe I'll go to take a nap 'cause I'm really tired.. Not because of the assignments, it's because of go to bed late and wake up early everyday, and walking around in the college...|||



Found this YOSHIKI with GLAY & Roger Taylor vid in YouTube.. When GLAY was still having 5 members..

(YOSHIKI is so pretty at 0:09)
Hisa and Jiro are still so cute~ Looks so young! Teru with long hair.. And the one on the left is their ex ex EX member which I don't know his name =X


Hmm~ Now my drama juniors are at New Era College preparing for the performance tomorrow..! Hope they'll did a great performance to the audience! Will be going there to watch them perform on Sunday!

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